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  • ciao ho usato il tuo codice amico per aprire il conto fineco! Mi chiamo Leonardo Marinelli e volevo avere qualche info in più sul conto tu come ti trovi? ce l'hai da molto?
    Rubner's biography:

    "Born in Milan in 2009, he was adopted at the age of 3 months, after a period as a stray cat and independent commentator.
    The youngest graduate at Cambridge in 2010, after his Ph.D. in Philosophy and Psychology, he published many important scientific works, among them:
    “The unconscious of fishes”, Cambridge, 2010
    “The myth of the Wild Cat. Prehistoric archetypes and modern alienation in street vandalism.”, London, 2010
    “Rehabilitation of victims of stalking: an empirical study on rodents”, Milan, 2011
    “The bipolar disease syndrome in human traders”, Cambridge, 2012
    Rubner is well known by the international public for his best seller “How to train humans, dogs, birds and other pets”, published in 2011, which has sold 17 million copies in 15 countries.
    He is currently involved in a social project aimed to provide psychological support to independent traders."
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