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Le so tutte :-)
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Era un mio mito questa azione,

grande CAU.

Anche SWC a 3$, che tempi !


chiusura tonica anche oggi
nonostante l'oro debole

che qualcuno sappia qualcosa?
se non sbaglio e' aperta una partita nel Montana,,,,,,,,,,,,

Scritto da miris
chiusura tonica anche oggi
nonostante l'oro debole

che qualcuno sappia qualcosa?
se non sbaglio e' aperta una partita nel Montana,,,,,,,,,,,,


notizia vecchia,,,,

Montana Poll Shows Majority of Voters Want to Modify or Overturn Earlier Anti-Mining Initiative (I-137)
THURSDAY, MARCH 27, 2003 3:01 PM
- PR Newswire

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GOLDEN, Colo., Mar 27, 2003 /PRNewswire-FirstCall via COMTEX/ -- Canyon Resources Corporation (CAU) , a Colorado-based mining company, today summarized results of a Montana poll and events in the Montana Legislative session related to citizen efforts to modify or overturn the anti-mining initiative (I-137) passed in 1998 that bans the use of cyanide in open-pit gold and silver mining. The poll, conducted in January 2003 by Moore Information, a highly respected polling firm, showed that a substantial majority of voters (58%) support replacing I-137 with a new law that includes new safety and environmental controls but allows the type of mining banned by I-137. Twenty-one percent of those polled were undecided, while 22 percent were opposed. Further, of those who had voted for I-137 in 1998, over 50 percent of those voters would vote today to replace it and allow the use of cyanide in gold mining if new controls were included.

The Moore Information poll also indicated that 84 percent of Montanans believe that it is possible to have a healthy mining industry in the State while maintaining a healthy environment. When informed that overturning I-137 could result in the creation of over 1,000 new jobs, over 68 percent of those polled indicated that they would vote to repeal the I-137 prohibition. The Moore Information poll has a potential error of five percentage points.

"There is clearly room for optimism that I-137, which has cost the mining industry and the State of Montana dearly, may be overturned in a free and fair election where the issues can be honestly discussed," said Richard H. De Voto, President of Canyon Resources Corporation. Canyon's Seven-Up Pete Venture has invested over $75 million in the development of the 10 million ounce McDonald Gold Project near Lincoln, Montana, which was halted by the passage of I-137. The Company is challenging I-137 in State and Federal Courts. "I-137 costs the State up to $150 million dollars per year in wages, taxes, goods and services that would have been paid or purchased by an otherwise healthy gold mining industry. That kind of loss is tragic in a State that remains at or near the bottom rank in per capita income and is now struggling to close budget deficits forecast up to $200 million per year," said De Voto.

Initiative I-137 was passed in 1998 by a 52 to 48 percent margin in an unfair election that was marred by the inability of mining companies and other for-profit entities and associations with for-profit members, such as the Montana Mining Association and Chamber of Commerce, to correct misinformation and tell their side due to a previously passed initiative, I-125, which was declared unconstitutional with only 10 days remaining in the campaign.

An effort to place the issue back on the ballot in 2004 through a legislative referendum, sponsored by Senator Debbie Shea (D) and supported by a broad coalition of labor and industry, was under consideration by the Montana Legislature until the effort was halted by Senator Shea in mid-March. Rather than proceeding with a referendum placed on the ballot by the Legislature, Senator Shea announced that the coalition would place an I-137 repeal initiative on the 2004 ballot through traditional means by signature gathering, a method more trusted by Montanans. At a press conference following her announcement, Shea and a host of other legislators and industry supporters stressed the importance of the mining industry to the State and vowed to bring the issue to the people in a free and fair campaign.

"Canyon is excited by the very real prospect of overturning I-137 at the ballot in November 2004 as these poll results clearly indicate," said De Voto. "We are looking forward to participating in a vigorous campaign along with others who have lost so much and have so much to gain by repealing this ill- advised initiative."

Actual results may differ materially from any forward-looking statement whether expressed or implied in this news release. The following risks and uncertainties which could cause actual results to vary include, but are not limited to: speculative nature of mineral exploration, precious metals prices, production and reserve estimates, production costs, cash flows, environmental and governmental regulations, availability of financing, judicial proceedings and force majeure events. Most of these factors are beyond the Company's ability to control or predict.
Scritto da miris
chiusura tonica anche oggi
nonostante l'oro debole

che qualcuno sappia qualcosa?
se non sbaglio e' aperta una partita nel Montana,,,,,,,,,,,,


non per rompere le p@lle
ma 'sto titolo non mi convince,,,,,,,
c'e' qualcosa sotto,,,,

sensazione, solo sensazione,,,,,,,;)
cau,,meno 60 circa,,, a 1,25$$$ amazzete,,anke se pochi volumi scambiati,,,cirsa 11,000

baaaaaaaaa :confused: :confused:
Up,,,,, ;)


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Ieri Palm me l'aveva fatta notare ;), ottimo break
Grecale ha scritto:
Ieri Palm me l'aveva fatta notare ;), ottimo break

non male lucien,,,,, ;)
siamo a +29% con buoni volumi,,,
vediamo se arriva al gap in area 2,5,,,, :cool: