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Qualcuno ha dei consigli su CREAF.

Ha per caso un accordo con Microsoft?

Ciao e grazie.
Secondo me tecnologicamente non ha nulla da invidiare a AAPL.

Anzi con l'aiuto di Microsoft puo aprire il mercato dei lettori portatili mp3 a quelli con contenuto video.



Se qualcuno la segue si faccia avanti!
X chi pensa che non ci sia solo Apple con il suo IPOD

New MP3 Players Won't Unseat Apple's IPod
01.07.05, 12:01 PM ET

Piper Jaffray said that despite a slew of new portable audio devices announced at the Consumer Electronics Show, the iPod from Apple Computer (nasdaq: AAPL - news - people ) "is still in a position to dominate this market." Specifically, Piper Jaffray noted Samsung of Korea introduced four new devices; Rio, a unit of Japan's D&M Holdings, announced a 2.5 gigabyte device; iriver, a unit of Korea's ReignCom, introduced a product; and Creative (nasdaq: CREAF - news - people ) showed three new versions of the Creative Zen Micro player. Piper Jaffray said, "Of the other players looking to chip away at Apple's market share, Creative is gaining the most traction with its Creative Zen Micro." The firm also noted the Zen Micro will be compatible with Janus, a music copy-protection technology from Microsoft (nasdaq: MSFT - news - people ), "within the next two to three months." Apple will likely unveil new products including a flash-memory-based iPod and an upgraded iPod mini at Macworld next week, Piper Jaffray said.
Aggiornamento nuovi modelli:


TMO at CES - Creative Introduces New Zen Micro MP3 Players
, 01.06.05, 11:50 AM ET

The Mac Observer

LAS VEGAS, NV -- Creative announced new versions of its Zen Micro MP3 player at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, NV on Thursday. The company is adding 1 gigabyte flash memory model, as well as 4GB and 6GB models powered by micro drives. The company's new models add to the 5GB model already on the market, and strengthen its position against market-dominating Apple with its iPod.

"Since we first shipped the Zen Micro 5GB model in November, we have experienced tremendous demand and sold out in many locations," said Sim Wong Hoo, chairman and CEO of Creative, in a statement. "To meet this overwhelming demand we plan to increase our production capacity significantly this quarter. At the same time, we have introduced a variety of prices and capacities for the Zen Micro: a 1GB flash memory-based model for only $199 and a 4GB model for only $229, which has twice the song capacity of the iPod mini and far more features for a lower price. We even introduced a Zen Micro with 6GB capacity that can hold more than 3,000 songs."

Despite Sim Wong Hoo's claims to the contrary, the capacity of the 4GB Zen Micro is actually the same as the capacity of the 4GB iPod mini.

Creative's Zen Micro digital media devices support MP3 and Windows Media Audio format, but are not available for the Mac. The company, one of the first to enter the hard drive digital media device market, has struggled to gain market share against Apple since the introduction of the iPod in 2001.

The Zen Micro line has been a big part of the company's strategic fight against Apple, and Creative offers the 5GB model in 10 different colors, and includes features like an FM radio turner and a built-in voice recorder not found in Apple's iPod line.

Several Wall Street analysts have been advising their clients in recent months that Apple intends to enter the low-end market for these devices with a flash memory iPod. Apple's policy is to not comment on unannounced products.

The 1GB model of the Creative Zen Micro will be available in the first quarter of 2005 for only US$199.99. The 4GB model, available later this month, is priced at only $229.99. The 5GB Zen Micro is currently available for $249.99. The 6GB model will be available later in January for $299.99.

The company has not yet added information about the new devices to its Web site, but is showing them at CES in its booth.


The Mac Observer: Daily Mac News, Reviews, and Tips. You'll Get Your Mac news Here From Now on. <a href=></a>

Copyright 2005 The Mac Observer, Inc. All Rights Reserved.


Press Release Source: Creative

Creative Announces New Zen Micro MP3 Players - 1GB, 4GB and 6GB Models Introduced to Meet Huge Consumer Demand
Thursday January 6, 9:00 am ET
Zen Micro MP3 Players on Display at Creative Exhibit at Consumer Electronics Show This Week in Las Vegas


Ritengo interessante anche questo articolo per i futuri svilupppi:

Orb Networks and Creative Join Forces to Expand Personal Digital
Entertainment Capabilities
Tuesday January 4, 8:05 am ET

Orb Networks Elevates Capabilities of Creative's Multimedia Solutions Giving Users Spontaneous Mobile Access to Its Audio and Video Technology Anywhere, Anytime
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Questa osservazione è importante:

"Apple's decision to not share its digital rights management (DRM) technology and not opening up to consumers buying music from other places will end up hurting Apple. I'm confident of that,"

e se aggiunta a questo ci mettiamo la collaborazione con Microsoft le prospettive sono buone.

"The firm also noted the Zen Micro will be compatible with Janus, a music copy-protection technology from Microsoft (nasdaq: MSFT - news - people ), "within the next two to three months."


TMO at CES - With Apple a No-Show, Creative Zen the MP3 Player Favorite
, 01.07.05, 2:59 PM ET

The Mac Observer

LAS VEGAS, NV -- With Apple Computer deciding not to exhibit at this week's International Consumer Electronics Show, Creative Technology and its Zen portable media device is getting big crowds and positive response from show attendees.

"It's not an iPod, but it's a viable alternative that has incorporated many of the features, colors and price of the Apple product," said Mary Phraties, a buyer with a small chain of electronics stores in Nebraska. "This will sell at our stores, and we'll offer it as a formidable alternative to the iPod, which we sell."

Much of the reaction among attendees flocking to the Creative booth was the same.

"This is not an iPod-killer, but I think it's the closest thing to it," said retail buyer Jason Snell. "The key to selling this over an iPod is to talk about performance and its price (at US$249.99)."

Creative on Thursday announced plans to release three new models of the Zen, including a 1 gigabyte flash-memory device. The other new models being readied will offer 4GB and 6GB of storage, the company said. The 1GB model will be available some time in the first quarter for $199.99. The 4GB and the 6GB models will be available later this month, for $229.99 and $299.99, respectively. A 5GB version of the Zen Micro is already available and was the primary device CES attendees touched and played with (see photo below).

One CES attendee playing with the 5GB Creative Zen digital media player.

Many others looking at the Creative Zen felt its benefits lie in its ability to access a wider range of online music choices.

"Apple's decision to not share its digital rights management (DRM) technology and not opening up to consumers buying music from other places will end up hurting Apple. I'm confident of that," said a retailer buyer from a nationwide chain, who asked not to be identified. "We sell the iPod in our stores, but we're finding more customers talking about choice when they buy an MP3 player. They can't get as much choice in an iPod, and they're starting the realize that."

Despite Apple's choice not license it's FairPlay DRM, the company still holds almost a 90% market share among hard disk-based digital media devices, according to the NPD Group. In its last report on retail figures for November, Creative held a less than 4% share on the same space. As for flash-based players, Creative ranks as number three among makers, with a 15% market share.

Choice of colors was also a big sales point for retailers seeing the Zen for the first time at CES.

"We know how popular the iPod mini in its many colors (five) was during the Christmas buying season last month," said Lisa Murphy, a buyer with Fry's Electronics. "Creative will find offering color choices (ten) will be successful for them as well, I think."

Creative's presence and new product announcements at CES are a continuing sign that the company has Apple in its sights and is remaining competitive in the digital media device market. In November, Creative said it would spend $100 million in 2005 to market its portable media devices in a worldwide campaign to grab market share from Apple Computer and its popular iPod player.

The Mac Observer: Daily Mac News, Reviews, and Tips. You'll Get Your Mac news Here From Now on. <a href=></a>

Copyright 2005 The Mac Observer, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
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Un commento da parte di Bill Gates:

TMO at CES - Bill Gates Speaks on iPod Success, Refers to Mac as Past Hit

by Bryan Chaffin, 4:15 PM EST, January 6th, 2005

LAS VEGAS, NV -- Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates discussed Apple in an interview with CNet News published early Thursday. In that interview, he acknowledged the success Apple is having with the iPod, and spoke about the differences in the way his company is approaching the market. He also, perhaps accidentally, spoke of the Mac as a has-been hit in the same company as the Apple II.


CNet News reporter Michael Kanellos asked Mr. Gates if Microsoft was going to put effort into selling content. The comparison, though unspoken, was to Apple's major effort to make the iPod and the iTunes Music Store a big part of its business.

"We've said that having the music platform there is just part of the overall online relationship that we want to have with these customers, " said Mr. Gates. "The boundary between what's game playing, what's socialization and what's communication--you will have really broken down the barriers there."

Noting that "the Windows ecosystem provides variety," Mr. Gates contrasted this to Apple.

"Apple is doing things the way Apple does -- where it's the Apple hardware and the Apple store," he said in the interview. "That's great for them. We're doing it the Windows way, where you've got things like this Creative Zen Micro, which sold out this holiday season. This brings the photo capability in, and it's a very attractively priced device. So the variety story is an important one for us; it uses our rights management format and supports a subscription approach that we think can be a significant part of online music sales."

Creative's Zen Micro did sell out, but it's not likely to have touched the number of iPods sold during the December quarter. Estimates have ranged from 4 to 4.5 million units sold by Apple, but neither Apple nor the tracking services have yet released numbers for the quarter. Apple will most likely report iPod units sold when it announces its quarterly financial results on Wednesday, January 12th.


Mr. Gates Freudian mention of the Mac as a past hit came during CNet News' follow up question about what Mr. Gates thinks of Apple's success with the iPod. In his answer, Mr. Gates acknowledged the success of Apple's digital media device, and described it as one of three hits the company has had.

"They had a hit with the Apple II, they had a hit with the Macintosh, and they have a hit with the iPod, so this is a company that's had three hits, and that's very impressive," he said in the interview. "There are a lot of companies that don't have three hits. And in the same way that Macintosh helped get people exposed to the graphical user interface, the iPod is doing a great job getting people to think about digital music.

The key to his comment is his choice of verbs: "had a hit with the Apple II," "had a hit with the Mac," "have a hit with the iPod" (emphasis added).

In the immortal words of Sesame Street, "one of these things just doesn't belong here," unless of course one considers the Mac a has-been. At the same time, perhaps it can be properly argues that the Mac is no longer a hit in that it no longer commands a large double digit share of the computer market.

With growing Mac sales and the supposed iPod Halo Effect, however, there are no clear answers to such a question. One's perspective on the issue is subjective, but Mr. Gates choice of wording was, at the very least, interesting.

Looking pragmatically at the situation, where Apple currently dominates the music player market, Mr. Gates said: "In the long run, there will be a lot of people making digital music players, and we think that there will be a very different market share with dozens and dozens of companies."

He brought his message home, by saying, "other than Apple, all those player makers are signing up to work inside the Windows PlaysForSure ecosystem."

The PlaysForSure marketing campaign is Microsoft's effort to brand the many, many competing music players on the market that don't work with the iTunes Music Store, but instead rely on Microsoft's Windows Media format.
Ecco un buon riconoscimento del prodotto!
Creative Zen Micro Photo Wins 'Best of CES' Award
Monday January 10, 7:01 am ET
Zen Micro Photo - MP3 Player/Photo Viewer Steals the Show to Win Creative's Third Consecutive 'Best of CES' Award
Ottime news.

Creative Tech Boosts 2Q Revenue Outlook
Tuesday January 11, 7:38 am ET
Creative Technology Raises 2Q Revenue Outlook As Sales of MP3 Players Top Two Million

Creative Announces Sales of Over Two Million MP3 Players in Q2 FY2005
Tuesday January 11, 7:00 am ET
Raises Quarterly Revenue Growth Guidance to 45% Year-Over-Year
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E' da sottolineare che quest'anno i risultati verranno dati molto prima del solito.

(Speriamo non vedano l'ora di comunicare le prospettive per il prossimo trimeste!)


Creative Technology Earnings Conference Call (Q2 2005)
Scheduled to start Thu, Jan 20, 2005, 12:00 am Eastern
Veramente ottima giornata per il titolo!.... forse gli investitori cominciano a fare i confronti con AAPL.