Delta Airlines(dal)

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Oggi il botto l'ha fatto northwest :confused:
Secondo voi c'è l'occasione di entrare short a 6 con target settimanale a 7 - 7,50 sperando nel petrolio sotto i 130
mmmm direi di si!!! ma solo se sei masochista... :p
se il petrolio sfonda al ribasso, dal dovrebbe passare la resistenza dei 10$ ...
nessuno guarda piu sto titolo? non vi sembra sottovalutato??
nessuno guarda piu sto titolo? non vi sembra sottovalutato??

Sono un po in ritardo ma ci sono spunti interessanti al difuori di banche e assicurazioni che hanno gia' pagato.

Ora come ora, in completo relax cerchiamo di "volare alto".

Dunque, leggendo in giro qualche notizia interessante, viene detto che:

NEW YORK (Insider Monkey) -- When it comes to domestic airlines, there are four main players in the U.S.: Delta Airlines (DAL_), US Airways (LCC_), United Continental (UAL_) and American Airlines, which filed for bankruptcy protection in November. However, if DAL has its way, that all could soon change.
DAL, a member of the SkyTeam Alliance, is the world's largest airline by traffic when counting domestic and international travel according to the International Air Travel Authority. It transports just under 111.16 million passengers on domestic and international flights a year, 90.13 million of which are domestic. Delta has been studying US Airways (LCC) as a possible acquisition target according to the Wall Street Journal.
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In comparison, LCC carries roughly 51.81 million passengers (domestic and international combined), 45.53 million of which are domestic. If the number of passengers carried stays the same, an acquisition of LCC could put DAL at 135.66 million domestic passengers a year, easily beating out domestic rival Southwest Airlines (LUV_) as the number one domestic carrier in the U.S. The deal would also push the number of Delta's passengers carried internationally to the sixth in the world, up from its current eighth-place ranking.

The $1.45 billion market cap LCC is priced low relative to its earnings, with a forward P/E ratio of just 3.65, but it is priced a little high relative to its book value -- Yahoo Finance reports LCC's P/B ratio at 9.84 -- however, its price-to-sales ratio is more encouraging at 0.10. LCC recently traded at $8.99 a share, on a mean one-year target estimate of $12.95. David Tepper's Appaloosa Management is a fan of LCC.
DAL has not approached LCC. According to the Wall Street Journal, it "is still weighing which deal if any would make most sense and have the best odds of success." DAL's last acquisition was Northwest Airlines in 2008. Ken Heebner's Capital Growth Management initiated a $135.08 million position in DAL during the third quarter, suggesting the savvy fund manager is hopeful for what lies ahead for the company. Heebner also opened a holding in LCC during the third quarter, a position worth roughly $26.84 million.
Delta isn't stopping there though. According to the Wall Street Journal, DAL has also been considering a similar move with AMR Corp., the parent company of Delta's rival American Airlines. AMR entered bankruptcy protection in late-November


Airlines Under Pressure
The airlines are just in talks right now. Any deal would be at least a year in the coming, but the pressure is clear. There has been a string of mergers and acquisitions in the air travel industry over the last seven years as airlines seek to become more competitive, offering more routes and lower fares. The consolidations have helped airlines survive money-losing routes, increased fuel costs and tightened control on hub airports, but it has also significantly reduced the number of major US carriers.
Case in point, United Continental announced in early November a range of new international flight routes that will launch in the first half of this year. These new routes were included in the company's previously announced capacity guidance. "Since our merger last year, the new United's unmatched global route network and U.S. hub structure have allowed us to offer our customers more flights to more places they want to go," said Jim Compton, executive vice president and chief revenue officer. "By adding these new international routes, we continue to put the right aircraft in the right markets to serve our customers' needs." Delta and US Airways may be trying to follow in UAL's footsteps.

Tradarne uno o l'altro non cambia molto. Possiamo vedere dal grafico a 2 anni come le quotazioni relative sono molto simili. E come il delta tra una compagnia e l'altra è abbastanza ridotto:

Southwest Airlines Company Comm Stock Chart | LUV Interactive Chart - Yahoo! Finance

A parte LCC che è fallita, per fare un po' di business bisognerebbe trovare la compagnia "preda". Trovare la compagnia "cacciatore" non serve molto per il gain.

I conti di TUTTE le compagnie so a posto. Hanno un ottimo EPS. Conti comuni e redittività simile.