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Me la sono ricomprata .... per vari motivi :

1) graficamente messa bene

2) Dovrebbe cautelarmi da eventuali ulteriori discese del dollaro

( se non vado errato rimane agganciata al SEC )...quindi più o meno all'Europa e quindi all'euro )

3) Quando sale bene ...praticamente in verticale.


4) ....e poi é un vecchio amore...


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5) inoltre non si può negare che in passato si é data da fare...

:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:


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Inoltre é opportuno ricordare che a novembre 2003 ha subito un reverse split 10 a 1.

In pratica 10 azioni a 0.3 $ sono state accorpate in una azione da 3 dollari.

Questo vuol dire che ha attraversato una fase molto brutta ....

ma vuol dire anche che i suoi 29 $ devono essere visti come 2.9 $ quando la si confronta con altri concorrenti.
all'orizzonte vedo un SUPERGAP da richiudere (sul grafico a due anni)


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anche nel breve poi non mi sembra messa male

..superati i due massimi relativi (grafico mensile)

:p :p :p


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adesso anche nel brevissimo :p :p :p :p :p


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....comunque c'è del "rumor" sotto sotto...

...non tanto facile a decifrare...


Venerdì 16 Maggio 2003, 10:57

Consumer Electronics Alcatel May Sell Mobile Phone Unit John Blau, 03.03.04, 11:32 AM ET French communications equipment manufacturer Alcatel is studying ways to end losses in its mobile phone unit that could include the complete sale of the business. "We are reviewing all kinds of solutions," Alcatel (nyse: ALA - news - people ) spokeswoman Régine Coqueran said Tuesday. "These could include a sell-off, a partnership or whatever it takes to end losses." While Alcatel has set no hard deadline for making a decision on the future of its underperforming mobile phone unit, the company aims to have a solution by the end of the year at the very latest, according to the spokeswoman. "All the big players have indicated that to achieve scale, they need around 10% of the market," said Ben Wood, senior analyst with Gartner. "Alcatel has less than 2%, according to our figures." Coqueran declined to comment on a news report Monday in the French newspaper La Tribune, claiming the Paris-based company is poised to sell the unit to Chinese manufacturer Nanjing Panda Electronics. A deal with a Chinese company would make tremendous sense, according to Wood. "For Alcatel, this would unlock access to potentially the biggest and fastest growing mobile phone market in the world," he said. "And for a Chinese partner, it would open the door to Europe." Chinese manufacturers, according to Wood, realize that mature markets, particularly Western Europe, are driven by brand as well as technology. "If a Chinese manufacturer could win a European partner like Alcatel, which has a trusted brand in several countries, it would be in a much better position to conquer market share rather than trying to establish its own brand identity." Who that partner could be is currently a matter of intense speculation. In addition to Panda, which already has a joint venture with Sweden's LM Ericsson (nasdaq: ERICY - news - people ), TCL Mobile is rumored to be another company in talks with Alcatel. Although close to the French company, Singapore's Flextronics International (nasdaq: FLEX - news - people ) is viewed by Wood as an unlikely candidate. In 2001, Alcatel outsourced its handset production to Flextronics in a move to lower costs and stem losses.

But by taking over this unit lock, stock and barrel, the Asian partner would jeopardize its manufacturing contracts with other handsets suppliers, including Sony Ericsson, he said

IDG News Service
dal rettangolo siamo usciti ......con relativo pull-back....

e soprattutto formazione nuovo vista..:p


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E ora come la mettiamo?

riuscirà la mma 25 ad opporsi alla discesa ?

ed il piccolo gap da richiudere ?

E i massimi ascendenti ? ...tutte chiacchiere?

Con la seduta di venerdì per il momento ha terminato la sua corsa al rialzo.
Ha rotto i cunei ascendenti e si dirige a 26,78 dove ha un buona resistenza.
Possibile prima fermata sulla ema50 28,17 o poco più giù a 28,09.
Se non dovesse fermarsi sono dolori in quanto l’ascesa è costituita da gap.
Personalmente lunedì esco per attenderlo più basso anche se il suo settore non sembra soffrirne
Ciao Skepsi

Oggi grandi novità per Ericsson.....

Bisogna ammettere che lanciare un'opa sul rimanente flottante del 28 % di Ericsson SPA , é sicuramente una manifestazione di forza.

E il mercato ha bisogno ...di sicurezza...

Forse é il caso di vedere quali sono le reazioni degli investitori

UPDATE - Ericsson bids for rest of Italy unit
Monday April 26, 2:06 am ET

STOCKHOLM, April 26 (Reuters) - Swedish telecoms equipment maker Ericsson (Stockholm:ERICb.ST - News) on Monday made a cash bid for the remaining shares in its listed subsidiary in Italy, saying it wanted to simplify its structure.

Ericsson, the world's biggest producer of mobile networks, offered 32 euros per share for the 28.8 percent of shares it does own in Italian unit Ericsson S.p.A. (Milan:ERII.MI - News). The total value of the stake is 237.3 million euros and the bid represents a 19.2 percent premium over the Friday's market price for Ericsson S.p.A., which is listed on the Milan Stock Exchange, Ericsson said.

"The reason for the offer is to continue to simplify the Ericsson Group structure and to reduce the number of listed subsidiaries," Ericsson said in a statement.

"It is Ericsson's aim to concentrate trading in Ericsson shares to a limited number of key markets, i.e. Stockholm, London and NASDAQ in the U.S.," it said.

Ericsson S.p.A. has 2,200 employees and its sales in 2003 were 1.07 billion euros. It is the leading vendor of telecommunications equipment both for mobile and fixed telephony in the Italian market.

The offer is conditional on acquiring more than 90 percent of the Italian unit, but Ericsson said it could implement it also at a lower level of acceptance.

The acceptance period for the bid, in which ABN Amro is Ericsson's financial adviser, will start a few days after Ericsson publishes the prospectus for the offer in the second half of May.

Ericsson reported higher-than-expected first-quarter profits on Friday and raised its outlook for the mobile networks market this year.

Ericsson made similar offers for the minority shares in its listed subsidiaries in Brazil in 1998 and Mexico in 1995.

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teniamo bene a mente la situazione attuale


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Se di tigre si tratta...... (e non di bufala...)...beh...sono ancora a cavalcioni.


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altra ...angolazione....


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se si considera 24.7 come punto di partenza , allora sia più o meno al 61.8 di ritracciamento. ( prima della soglia di non ..ritorno)



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Accordi interessanti

Cisco, Ericsson form partnership to sell gear
Wednesday April 28, 2:00 am ET
By Ben Klayman

CHICAGO, April 28 (Reuters) - Cisco Systems Inc. (NasdaqNM:CSCO - News) and Sweden's Ericsson (Stockholm:ERICb.ST - News; NasdaqNM:ERICY - News) on Wednesday said they have agreed to jointly sell equipment to global telephone companies in a move to speed the shift to Internet-based networks.

The nonexclusive deal, details of which were not disclosed, will allow Cisco, the world's largest maker of equipment that directs Internet traffic, and Ericsson to offer gear and services to phone companies as they roll out such services as Internet voice transmission.

Telephone companies see Internet-based networks as a way to win back customers with lower-priced calling services. Suppliers see them boosting sales after three years of declining spending in the industry.

"When we looked at the market opportunity, we realized a stronger relationship between Cisco and Ericsson could help accelerate the development of profitable services -- benefiting our customers, as well as both companies," Cisco Chief Executive John Chambers said in a joint statement released by the companies.

Potential customers view the alliance positively.

"We ... expect it to deliver bottom line benefits such as reduced (operating expenses) and enhanced revenue opportunities through faster and more efficient delivery of new services to market," said Ted Pretty, group managing director at Telstra Corp. (Australia:TLS.AX - News), Australia's biggest phone company.

The alliance builds on Ericsson's strength of systems integration and Cisco's market dominance in routers, machines that directs information and data on a network, the companies said. There is no product overlap between the two, a Cisco spokeswoman said.

"Many major operators already have products from both companies," said Johan Bergendahl, Ericsson's vice president of marketing. "Forming this agreement with Cisco now makes a lot sense for both parties as well as for most customers as wireline carriers now are in a stage when there is an increasing need for them to modernize their networks."

The partnership will combine Ericsson's softswitch portfolio and Cisco's core routers and switches, the companies said.

"Softswitches" help route mobile phone calls over fixed-line networks. They need less space, less power to operate and can be deployed more quickly than current circuit switches.

Over the past several years, Cisco has signed similar agreements with other suppliers and telephone companies as a way to push its gear into the back office and IT departments of companies around the world.

The Ericsson deal comes more than a year after Lucent Technologies Inc. (NYSE:LU - News) said it would sell Cisco wireless network equipment. That was a three-year, nonexclusive deal.

Lucent has a partnership with Cisco's smaller rival, Juniper Networks Inc.(NasdaqNM:JNPR - News), on the wireline side, while Ericsson is allied with Juniper in the wireless sector. Cisco also sells wireless gear through Motorola Inc. (NYSE:MOT - News), Finland's Nokia (NOK1V.HE) (NYSE:NOK - News) and Germany's Siemens AG. (XETRA:SIEGn.DE - News)
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sole o pioggia ... ritrovo sempre da solo su sta barca...


Ericsson Awarded Two Network Expansion Deals in China
Thursday April 29, 9:28 am ET

STOCKHOLM, Sweden--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 29, 2004--Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERICY - News) has signed two major mobile network expansion deals in Sichuan Province, Southwest China, valued at over USD 120 million. The CDMA2000 1X network expansion agreement was reached with Sichuan Unicom, while the GSM network expansion agreement, was entered into with Sichuan Mobile.

....per il resto.... anche Ericsson Awarded UMTS Expansion Contract by mobilkom austria
Thursday April 29, 9:28 am ET
Scritto da skepsi
Con la seduta di venerdì per il momento ha terminato la sua corsa al rialzo.
Ha rotto i cunei ascendenti e si dirige a 26,78 dove ha un buona resistenza.
Possibile prima fermata sulla ema50 28,17 o poco più giù a 28,09.
Se non dovesse fermarsi sono dolori in quanto l’ascesa è costituita da gap.
Personalmente lunedì esco per attenderlo più basso anche se il suo settore non sembra soffrirne

Scusa Skepsi, hai ancora interesse per il titolo??

Ritieni che si sia alleggerita abbastanza e sia pronta a riprendere la salita?

La situazione delle (..poche..opzioni ) ti sembra dare qualche informazione ??

Sembra essersi fermata prima del suo minimo precedente a 24.7
mi sembrava interessante il confronto del MACD in corrispondenza del passaggio sopra lo zero...(sta per verificarsi ??)

Si lo so é già una informazione già vecchia (Giovedì 6 Maggio 2004, 13:34 )

Ma quello che mi domando é :

come si fa ad arrivare ai numeri di cui sotto ( senza dare neanche un orizzonte temporale credibile), così distanti dalla quotazione reale, da lasciare interdetto anche le persone che hanno la Ericsson in carico, ( come me) ?

.........Dresdner consiglia di vendere Alcatel e di comprare Ericsson

Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein consiglia di vendere Alcatel (Parigi: FR0000130007 - notizie) e di comprare Ericsson (Stoccolma: ERICb.ST - notizie) . I risultati di bilancio delle due imprese avrebbero mostrato chiaramente che la domanda di infrastrutture per la telefonia mobile sarebbe molto più alta di quella di infrastrutture per la telefonia fissa. Ericsson presenterebbe una profittabilità migliore e margini di crescita maggiori di quelli di Alcatel. Il rating di Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein su Alcatel è "Sell", target price €8.

Ericsson viene giudicato invece "Buy" con un target sul prezzo a SEK 41.

N.B ieri hachiuso a 21.2, se non sbaglio.