Grafite e grafene i materiali del futuro ?

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    Da Société Générale un tris di Callable Equity Protection 100 con premio di richiamo dell’1% mensile e protezione del 100% a scadenza. Per questa emissione SG ha deciso di puntare su un meccanismo detto “Callable”, innovativo per il mondo dei certificati, che prevede che il possibile richiamo anticipato non sia legato ad una determinata barriera, ma possa avvenire in un qualsiasi mese a discrezione dell’emittente. I possibili sottostanti sono Enel (ISIN certificato XS2395029114), ENI (ISIN certificato XS2395029205) e Intesa Sanpaolo (ISIN certificato XS2395029387)
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INCLUDING 9.02% GP OVER 14.70 METRES AND 4.40% GP OVER 53.25
Montreal, Quebec – December 17, 2014 - Canada Strategic Metals Inc. (“Strategic Metals” or
the “Company”) (TSX.V: CJC; FSE: YXEN; OTC-BB: CJCFF) and Lomiko Metals Inc. (“Lomiko”)
(TSX-V: LMR, OTC: LMRMF, FSE: DH8B) are very pleased to announce the results for five more
holes of the recent drilling campaign on the La Loutre Graphite project. The La Loutre property
consists of contiguous claim blocks totalling approximately 2,500 hectares (25 km2) situated
approximately 53 km east of Imerys Carbon and Graphite, formerly known as the Timcal Graphite
Mine, North America’s only operating graphite mine, and 117 km northwest of Montreal.
The goal of the exploration program was to identify high-grade, near-surface graphite
mineralization to rapidly build a resource at La Loutre project. A total of twenty-five holes, for a
total of 3,137 metres, were drilled to test a surface graphite showing and assess the potential
extension of the graphite mineralization.
The Company has received the graphite assay results for five more holes, LL-14-11 to LL-14-15.
All five returned wide graphite intersections with: 3.19% Gp over 32.00 metres including
12.38% over 2.50 metres, 3.04% Gp over 5.20 metres and 1.38% over 3.30 metres from
Hole LL-14-11; 3.00% Gp over 33.00 metres including 13.18% Gp over 2.00 metres from
Hole LL-14-12; 2.74% Gp over 55.60 metres, including 9.60% Gp over 4.30 metres from
Hole LL-14-13; 4.98% Gp over 44.80 metres including 9.02% Gp over 14.70 metres, 13.60%
Gp over 3.20 metres and 10.20% Gp over 8.00 metres from Hole LL-14-14 and 4.40% Gp
over 53.25 metres including 7.46% Gp over 15.35 metres from Hole LL-14-15. The
mineralized intersections and assay results are shown in the table below.
"The Company is very pleased that all the recent drill results from its last exploration program
confirm the quality and potential of the La Loutre project," said Jean-Sebastien Lavallée, Chief
Executive Officer of Canada Strategic Metals. "We are looking forward to receiving the results for
the fifteen other holes of the program."
The Company will release the results for the remaining holes as soon as they have been received
In attesa che il grande pubblico si interessi all'argomento grafene/grafite, le nostre miniere stanno tutte facendo dei passi avanti in direzione dell'inizio delle estrazioni.
Penso che sarà il 2016 l'anno in cui tutte entreranno in produzione, quindi abbiamo ancora un anno di attesa, durante il quale spero che le quotazioni riprendano quota.
E' una grande sfida quella che stiamo vivendo, stiamo lavorando con materiali del futuro.
 Published: Wednesday, 31 December 2014 04:54
Energizer Resources Inc. (TSX:EGZ) (OTCQX:ENZR) (WKN: A1CXW3) (“Energizer” or the “Company”) announces it has closed a non-brokered private placement offering of 4,900,000 common shares (“Common Shares”) of the Company (the “Offering”) at an issue price of US$0.12 per Common Share for gross proceeds of US$588,000.

In connection with the Offering, the Company paid a cash commission of US$29,400 and issued 147,000 Finder’s warrants. Each Finder’s warrant entitles the holder to acquire one Common Share of Energizer at an exercise price of US$0.12 per share for a period of 24 months from the date of issuance.

The net proceeds from the Offering will be primarily used to fund the production of purified graphite concentrate samples from the Molo Project in Madagascar and also for general working capital purposes.

The purified samples are "earmarked" for distribution to off-take groups and end users of graphite who have requested such samples for their ongoing review in order to further discussions for potential off-take arrangements.

All securities issued in connection with the Offering will be subject to a minimum six-month hold period as required by U.S. securities laws, and will also be subject to a four-month hold period (which will run concurrently with the six-month hold period) as required by Canadian securities laws.

The Company may issue additional Common Shares in subsequent tranches pursuant to the Offering.

The Company has obtained conditional approval from the Toronto Stock Exchange (the “TSX”) for the listing of all Common Shares issued pursuant to the Offering. The Offering is subject to receipt of final approval of the TSX.
Novita da Lomiko Metals

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Focus Graphite Announces Potential Lac Knife Project Financing Arrangements with Caterpillar Financial Services Corporation

OTTAWA, ONTARIO -- (Marketwire – January 6th, 2015) - Focus Graphite Inc. (TSX-V:FMS; OTCQX:FCSMF; FRANKFURT:FKC) ("Focus" or the "Company") is pleased to announce that Caterpillar Financial Services Corporation (“Cat Financial”) has expressed its formal interest to further evaluate the Company’s Lac Knife Project in order to provide Focus with a financing solution for Lac Knife’s development.

Cat Financial provides innovative financial solutions for clients across the globe including integrated project and structured financing solutions.

“Cat Financial’s Letter of Interest represents an important milestone as we develop the Lac Knife project financing structure,” said Don Baxter, Focus Graphite President and COO. “Both parties are discussing mine equipment leasing plus project financing options with a view to achieving a mutually satisfactory conclusion.

“This financing package could potentially represent twelve percent of the total project financing requirements and reduce operating costs as we move to owner-mining instead of contractor-mining as outlined in our Feasibility Study.”

Mr. Baxter added: “Cat Financial’s interest in Focus’s advanced position in the Canadian graphite mining sector underscores the significant progress the Focus team has made in developing our Lac Knife high purity graphite mining project.”

While there is not yet a formal commitment in place with Cat Financial, financing discussions are continuing with a number of investors and institutional funds, in both the public and private sector with an objective to minimize shareholder dilution through a mix of debt and equity financing. The provincial government of Quebec also provides some financing alternatives that are not available in other jurisdictions, Mr. Baxter said.

On August 8th, 2014 Focus Graphite published its Lac Knife Project Feasibility Study that included a mine and concentrator operation with a capital expenditure requirement of $165.6 million including a $17.1 million contingency.

Cat Financial holds the capabilities of arranging and syndicating various possible financial scenarios for the mining sector. The current expression of interest between Focus and Cat Financial is non-binding in nature with terms and conditions yet to be negotiated. Signing of a definitive agreement for project financing arrangements remains subject to credit approval and due diligence by Cat Financial, which would include, but is not limited to Focus Board of Director’s approval, as well as compliance with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements and approvals.
Report positivo su Focus Graphite

Seeking Alpha: Update: Caterpillar Financial Services Might Help Finance Focus Graphite's Lac Knife Project

By: Ben Kramer-Miller

Focus Graphite just announced that Caterpillar Financial Services is looking at potentially financing 12% of its Lac Knife Project.
This is a bullish development although I've been confident that the company would be able to get financing.
Given the advanced stage of Lac Knife, its strong economics, and its prime location I continue to believe that this is the best development-stage graphite company; financing remains a risk.

Focus Graphite (OTCQX:FCSMF) just announced that Caterpillar Financial Services is considering lending the company money in order to construct its flagship Lac Knife Project. While there is nothing official Cat Financial has issued a "letter of interest" that indicates that it would be open to lending the company 12% of the total initial capex that it needs, which based on current estimates would be ~$19 million.

12% may not seem like a lot, but investors will recall that in my detailed summary of my discussion with COO/President Don Baxter that the company has several different financing options, including:

Monetizing part of its stake in Grafoid - its partner in the graphene business.
Monetize its offtake agreement.
Get financing through Quebec, which provides capital for mining projects in the province.
Create a streaming agreement. The structure of such an agreement still needs to be worked out but many mining companies are looking for financing through this channel.

It can also, of course, issue more stock although as you can imagine management wants to avoid this.

The potential deal with Cat Financial, be it small and not yet official, is a huge step forward that demonstrates that the Lac Knife Project is being taken seriously by financiers with deep pockets. Investors should be encouraged by this.

Recently shares have performed very well having risen ~30% since the middle of December, although that was after shares fell significantly. I wouldn't jump in with both feet at this point - especially since global stocks have been weakening - but given this development Focus is continuing to set itself apart as a company that can realistically get a major graphite project into production, and if this plays out then those who get involved now are going to make a lot of money.
InvestorIntel: Graphite- Refining the Focus

Posted on January 13, 2015 by Christopher Ecclestone

We seem to be bumping into companies all over the place that have made off with assets of IAMgold and turned them to profitability. The latest I have turned my attention to is Focus Graphite’s (TSXV: FMS | OTCQX: FCSMF) Lac Knife deposit which might be described as yet another “fish that got away” from the clueless IAMgold. The background to this asset is that Focus Metals Inc. listed on the TSX Venture exchange in May 2010. Later that year (in October), IAMgold sold 100% of the Lac Knife property to the newly listed entity. The sale was for the bargain price of $250,000 in cash and a whisker over 4,000,000 shares of Focus stock.

The company then changed its name to Focus Graphite in May 2012, to reflect this narrowing down of the focus (excuse the pun).

Lac Knife

The Lac Knife high-grade, high-purity crystalline flake graphite deposit located 35 kilometres south of Fermont, Quebec. Lac Knife, grading 14.77% graphitic carbon, is one of the highest-grade flake graphite deposits in the world. The Preliminary Feasibility Study released in June 2014, indicated that Focus could potentially be one of the lowest-cost graphite producers in the world at $441 per tonne of graphite concentrate.

The updated PEA indicated:

a mine life of 20 years
capex of $165.55mn (including a $17.1mn contingency)
low strip ratio of 1.7:1
potential net revenues of $1.44 billion
a 30.1% pre-tax internal rate of return (24.1% after-tax IRR)
a $316.9 million pre-tax NPV ($185.3 million after-tax)
model uses a weighted average price of US$1,713 per tonne of run-of-mine concentrates
revenue estimates are based on the production of 44,200 tonnes per year of graphite concentrate
an average grade of 96.6% Ct. across all flake size categories.


Add Technology to the Mix

Unlike Rare Earths, where technology is all, the graphite space has the technology mainly coming into the picture with the end-use applications after the concentrate phase. The broader group of which Focus is part (and which is run by Gary Economo) has decided to have its cake and eat it too, with Focus being the upstream and Grafoid and other entities being the downstream.

Focus commissioned a pilot plant to produce graphite concentrate from Lac Knife mineralized material, which started up in April 2013. Pilot flotation plant test results (from SGS Canada) yielded large flake graphite concentrate (+80 mesh) grading 98.3% total carbon. The results also showed that all flake concentrate above 200 mesh could be upgraded to 98% total carbon by flotation, thereby eliminating the need to use third-party purification and reducing the cost per tonne of concentrate to a low of $458.

The company’s interpretation of the test results is that they show that Lac Knife holds the potential in small flake graphite products and valued-added products such as spherical graphite for Li-ion batteries.

The company feels its technology (combined with the nature of its mineralisation) will lower the purification costs to attain battery-grade end product. It cites as evidence for this that the costs of purifying a 95% grade graphite concentrate to a minimum battery grade of 99.95% is approximately $3,000 to $5,000 per tonne, while the cost of purifying Lac Knife’s 98.3% grade to battery grade quality is, it estimates, between $500 and $1,000 per tonne.

Amongst other things it’s acquired, Focus picked up some anode manufacturing technology licenses from IREQ, the research arm of Hydro-Quebec, a world leader in renewable energy development, including battery technologies, and why we are developing our own value-added capabilities to manufacture graphite products for batteries, powder metals and composite materials.

Coalition of the Willing

The tried and true means of financing of either going to a mining financier (e.g. a bank) or the equity route have faded in relevance as the market malaise has dragged on. The larger deals used to attract bank financing (i.e. credit) and that has been particularly battered since 2008 as regulators tried to wind back risk at global lenders and, like truth in war, miners (and property developers) were the first casualties.

The solution these days is to cobble together a Coalition of the Willing, which consists of traders, offtakers, strategic investors and supplier financing. The company has indicated that financing discussions are continuing with a number of investors and institutional funds, in both the public and private sector with an objective to minimize shareholder dilution through a mix of debt and equity financing. The provincial government of Quebec is also seen as offering financing alternatives that are not available in other jurisdictions.

The Offtaker

The company’s first offtake agreement was announced in December 2013 for up to 40,000 tonnes per year of graphite concentrate and value-added products from future production at Lac Knife. This was signed with a Chinese industrial conglomerate comprised of heavy industry, manufacturing and technology companies located in Dalian City, Liaoning Province, China. A key point to note are that while the annual offtake is substantially all of the expected capacity of the mine and concentrator, it should also be noted that the use of the words of “up to” means it could be much less, leaving space for a “funding offtaker” to potentially insert themselves into the equation.

A Hefty New Friend?

It has long been mooted that suppliers would have to eventually come to the party in financing projects or they faced seeing their supply of future business dry up as the financing drought choked off the flow of new projects. The reduced flow would in turn herald the end of the golden years when suppliers pretty much were able to charge what they liked, playing a major role in the sector’s capex inflation.

So in a sign that reality is starting to bite Focus kicked of the New Year (our Year of Action) with an announcement that Caterpillar Financial Services had expressed its formal interest in providing Focus with a financing solution for Lac Knife’s development. The release indicated that the potential participation of Caterpillar would amount to around 12% of the total project financing requirements and reduce operating costs as Focus changed gear to owner-mining instead of contractor-mining as outlined in the Feasibility Study.

Snatching Northern’s Competitive Advantage

The moment I first encountered the graphite space was in the form of a curious meeting in New York many years ago (November 2009) when the then unlisted Northern Graphite did the rounds. I had agreed to take the meeting with an unlisted company as I was intrigued by this material that I had never encountered before. My curiosity was piqued and eventually the stock hit the markets and was for a while the only game in town.

Part of the success of Northern post-listing was due to its uniqueness, and part to its team. Prominent on that team was Don Baxter, who has since gone on to head up Focus Graphite, being its President and COO at the current time. He had previously served as President of Northern Graphite between February 2011 and July 2013, where he was responsible for all technical aspects relating to the Bissett Creek graphite project, including the bankable feasibility study, metallurgical test work and environmental and mine permitting. Focus’s gain was clearly a major loss for Northern Graphite.

Past experience in graphite mining is a rarity as we have pointed out in the past with regard to Alabama Graphite (that has some of the Timcal team on board). Focus has almost managed to grab a chunk of this rare skillset as Baxter was previously the Mine Superintendent at the Kearney Graphite mine when it operated in the 1990s. He served as a Director of Mining at Ontario Graphite Ltd., has worked for Inco and Noranda Minerals, as well as on numerous consulting projects for base and precious metals. Ultimately when it comes to actual production, it will be having experienced veterans on board, rather than generalists that will matter. It’s also worth noting that he holds a degree in Mining Engineering from Queen’s University.

Also Worth Remembering

Those who recall our Scandium piece of several months ago may also remember that, indirectly, Focus has exposure to that interesting metal via Grafoid (in which Focus Graphite has a substantial stake). It is primarily a graphene investment and application development company.

Back in October Grafoid announced it was acquiring a ALCERECO Inc. which is involved in advanced composite materials, alloys and coatings focused on the development, testing and production of advanced materials. Grafoid purchased ALCERECO in exchange for 250,000 common shares of Grafoid for CAD$1.25mn.

Based in Kingston, Ontario, ALCERECO has a global customer base in aerospace, automotive, electronics, sporting goods, infrastructural and mining sectors. It is involved in the development of aluminum-scandium alloys, specialty ceramics, rare earths and advanced composite materials. Its facility includes a five-ton foundry, casting, rolling, a wide range of development laboratories, and analytical equipment for the development of prototype production.


That which we have said recently with regards to Rare Earths also goes for Graphite. We regard 2014 as having been the Year of Metallurgy and 2015 will be the Year of Action. Like Rare Earths there is only space for 4-5 companies to make it over the finish line and those that do not are destined for the glue factory. Darwinian principles reign in mining as they do in the rest of the natural world.

The market does not need fifteen graphite juniors.. it needs a maximum of four producers. With Flinders Resources having made it across the line and Elcora seemingly positioned to also get a mine reactivated, that leaves two other potential spots on the winners’ podium.

With its technology essentially in the bag and a vertically integrated relationship with Grafoid, all Focus needs now is the financing leg of the trifecta to be a runner in the final straight. The deal with Caterpillar shows that it is prepared to be creative in hunting down the elusive dollars required to kick start Lac Knife.

It would be a brave punter indeed who bet against Focus NOT being a finisher in the Graphite Stakes.
TSX-V: CJC and TSX-V: LMR recent results confirm graphite mineralization
over 800 meters at La Loutre with intercepts of 8.01% over 20.3 metres,
11.23% over 10.7 metres and 10.3% gp over 7 metres
Montreal, Quebec - January 14, 2015 - Canada Strategic Metals Inc. ("Strategic Metals" or the
"Company") (TSX.V: CJC; FSE: YXEN; OTC-BB: CJCFF) and Lomiko Metals Inc. ("Lomiko")
(TSX-V: LMR, OTC: LMRMF, FSE: DH8B) are very pleased to announce the results for five more
holes of the recent drilling campaign on the La Loutre Graphite project. The La Loutre property
consists of contiguous claim blocks totalling approximately 2,500 hectares (25 km2) situated
approximately 53 km east of Imerys Carbon and Graphite, formerly known as the Timcal Graphite
Mine, North America's only operating graphite mine, and 117 km northwest of Montreal.
"The first drilling campaign on La Loutre property has been successful. We have identified a
graphite mineralized zone over 800 metres length, up to 100 meters wide and more than 100
metres depth. This is significant milestone in achieving our objective of rapidly establish mineral
resources at La Loutre. In addition, we have a good location near Imerys Carbon and Graphite
Mine", said Jean-Sebastien Lavallée, Chief Executive Officer of Canada Strategic Metals.
A total of twenty-five holes, for a total of 3,137 metres, were drilled to test a surface graphite
showing and assess the potential extent of the graphite mineralization.
The Company has received the graphite assay results for last five holes from recent La Loutre
Drilling, LL-14-21 to LL-14-25. All five returned wide graphite intersections with: 8.01% Gp over
20.3 metres and 5.91% Gp over 15.5 metres from Hole LL-14-21; 2.78% Gp over 66 metres
from Hole LL-14-22; 3.48% Gp over 136.5 metres including 6.43% Gp over 4.65 metres,
11.23% Gp over 10.7 metres and 10.30% Gp over 7 metres from Hole LL-14-23; 7.73% Gp
over 18.15 metres including 13.15% Gp over 5.3 metres and 2.74% Gp over 99.75 metres
including 8.68% Gp over 3.1 metres and 11.99% Gp over 4.5 metres from Hole LL-14-24
and 3.13% Gp over 83.25 metres including 10.94% Gp over 3.75 metres from Hole LL-14-25.
The mineralized intersections and assay results are shown in the table below.
Northern Graphite Concentrates Reach Nuclear Grade Purity

January 22, 2015, Ottawa, Ontario - Northern Graphite Corporation (NGC: TSXV,NGPHF:OTCQX) is pleased to announce that concentrates from its Bissett Creek deposit have been successful upgraded to the highest nuclear grade classification level using the Company’s proprietary purification process. Glow Discharge Mass Spectrometry (“GDMS”) analyses demonstrate that Northern’s extra-large flake, +50 mesh concentrates have a carbon content of 99.99+% and an Equivalent Boron Concentration (“EBC”) less than one (1) ppm when purified with the Company’s proprietary process. Purity of 99.97%C and an EBC less than two (2) ppm are required to meet the ASTM Standard Class for high purity nuclear graphite. Northern’s process provides an alternative to expensive thermal purification, the environmentally damaging wet chemical approach used in China, and caustic bake which is a lab scale technique not generally used in commercial applications.

Gregory Bowes, CEO commented that: “concentrates from different graphite deposits vary widely in quality and we continue to get third party validation that flake graphite from the Bissett Creek deposit is among the best in the industry.” He added that “we believe Bissett Creek is the only project to have demonstrated it is economic at current prices and at production rates that are unlikely to adversely affect the pricing structure of the industry. This is largely due to 90% of production being large and XL flake which will result in prices that are much higher, and marketing risks that are much lower, than other projects.”
Trattative interrotte

January 22, 2015
Flinders Terminates Agreement With Big North

Vancouver, Canada - Flinders Resources Limited ("Flinders") (TSXV: FDR) announce that further to the joint news release with Big North Graphite Corp.("Big North") (TSXV: NRT) of September 2, 2014, October 21, 2014, November 3, 2014 and December 1, 2014 Flinders has terminated the binding letter agreement dated August 28, 2014, effective immediately. The letter agreement has been terminated as a result of Big North failing to satisfy the due diligence process.

Blair Way, President & CEO states, "I am very disappointed to be announcing this. The due diligence process is critical to ensure the legal integrity of a transaction such as this. The due diligence identified key issues that could not be resolved so the agreement had to be terminated. We will continue to look for the correct asset to add to our company to grow the business beyond the European market."

On behalf of the Board,

"Blair Way"
Blair Way, President and CEO
Forse abbiamo trovato i fondi per avviare la miniera

Northern Graphite Appoints Endeavour Financial as Offtake/Debt Financing Advisor

January 27, 2015 – Northern Graphite Corporation (NGC: TSXV,NGPHF:OTCQX) announces that it has appointed Endeavour Financial Limited (Cayman) (“Endeavour”) as its exclusive advisor with respect to negotiating and structuring strategic partnerships and offtake agreements, and raising debt financing, for its Bissett Creek project. George Pyper, Director of Endeavour, stated that: “Bissett Creek is an advanced stage project in a good jurisdiction with excellent infrastructure. The deposit has a high percentage of large and extra large flake graphite and a reasonable capital cost which make it an attractive opportunity. We look forward to working with management to develop the project.”

Gregory Bowes, CEO commented that: “We have had offtake/partnership discussions with a number of parties and an experienced, independent advisor like Endeavour will help us bring structure and closure to the process. Endeavour has successfully negotiated offtake agreements with many international companies and has a strong understanding of what it takes to finance specialist/non-exchange traded commodities.”

About Endeavour Financial
Endeavour is a private, independent merchant banking company focused on providing expert and unbiased financial advisory services to the global natural resources sector. Endeavour has a history of achieving success for clients based on its resource industry focus, innovative transaction skills and the diverse professional backgrounds of an award-winning team. Offering advice in project, corporate and debt capital markets, equity-linked financings, mergers and acquisitions, and strategic business development over more than two decades, Endeavour has established itself as a leading financial advisor in natural resources. In the last ten years the firm has closed over US$4 billion in development financings for single-asset, emerging producers in the mining sector.
Tutto venduto

January 27, 2015
Flinders Completes Sales Of All 2014 Graphite Production

Vancouver, Canada - Flinders Resources Limited ("Flinders" or the "Company") (TSXV: FDR) is pleased to provide an update on the production and sales of flake graphite from the Woxna mine in Sweden. In July 2014, the Company began operating the Woxna facility. During the initial months of operations, the Company completed progressive process improvements, to ensure the plant met design specifications and that the graphite products produced fulfilled customer expectations.

During this commissioning period, the quantity of graphite produced was limited, and the grade variable, due to the ongoing plant refinements. Despite this product quality variability, the Company has sold and shipped the total of 2014's production to various European customers. The last of the 2014 graphite product was shipped to customers this month.

As the production refinement period draws to a close, the processing plant is now achieving design specification of 94% carbon content for our flake products. The 2015 production plan is being tailored to meet our marketing and customer requirements, and the Company is confident that all output will be consumed within local European markets.

Blair Way, President & CEO states, "It is very satisfying to see our plant producing to specification and seeing our product being welcomed by European customers. In July 2014 we ran the plant for the first time with the redesigned flowsheet and have now worked out the all start up issues to be producing a series of widely marketable products. 2015 is shaping up to be a good year for our Woxna facility. I look forward to updating shareholders as we progress through our 2015 production plan."

On behalf of the Board,

"Blair Way"
Blair Way, President and CEO
Milestones Met, Focus Graphite Upgrades Its Corporate ID in Lockstep with its Advanced Level of Development

Ongoing Financing and Offtake Discussions

OTTAWA, ONTARIO - Focus Graphite Inc. (TSX-V: FMS; OTCQX: FCSMF; FSE-FKC) is a natural flake graphite enterprise with proven reserves and strong economics.

Focus is transitioning out of the exploration stage to a mining development company. It is currently at the project financing stage and is working with additional potential offtake partners.

To mark this transition, Focus has updated its corporate look to better reflect this evolution with a new logo, website (Focus Graphite | THE MOST ADVANCED BATTERY-GRADE GRAPHITE PROJECT IN NORTH AMERICA) and marketing materials. This change reflects the achievements of the company and its forward positioning as a leader in the graphite sector.

Our pre-development milestones have been met and we are now moving forward. From an initial listing on the TSX-Venture in May of 2010, the company has positioned itself as one of the most advanced, innovative graphite development companies in the world.

Entering 2015, Focus Graphite enjoys the support of multiple levels of government and the Innu First Nation.

Focus Graphite’s industrial focus rests on future production from its Lac Knife, Quebec deposit of low-cost, high grade graphite concentrate and value added graphite products for the renewable energy sectors, inclusive of battery grade spherical graphite.

According to Dundee Capital Markets, graphite demand will rise an estimated 8.6% per year between now and 2020 causing a supply imbalance from production curtailment in China; anticipated demand in the global battery manufacturing sector, created in part by demand from Tesla Motors and its electric vehicle competitors, and; China’s electrification and Europe’s expansion of existing electric transportation infrastructures.

Dundee estimates that at least two to three new producing graphite mines are needed to bring balance to the supply-demand gap within the next two years.

Having met its numerous regulatory and developmental milestones during 2014, Focus is exceptionally well positioned to make further advances toward production during 2015.

Discussions leading to securing mine and plant financing of $165.5 million (including a $17 million contingency) are currently underway with public and private sector funds, vendors and institutions. The company anticipates further announcements resulting from those discussions within the coming months.

Milestones Met

In late 2013, Focus made mining history by signing the first-ever, long-term graphite supply contract – or offtake – with a Chinese industrial conglomerate located in Dalian City.

During the last 12 months, the company announced the following:

January: A 92% increase of Lac Knife’s Measured and Indicated Resource to 9.6 million tonnes grading at 14.77% Cg. The updated mineral resource was subsequently incorporated into a mineral reserve estimate in the Lac Knife feasibility study.

May: Independent testing confirmed Focus Graphite’s success in producing extremely high-performing coated spherical graphite for use in anodes for Lithium Ion batteries. Focus achieved this through in-house, proprietary purification technologies. Focus is one of only two Companies in the graphite space to have achieved this level of development.

June: The Lac Knife Feasibility Study highlighting a pre-tax NPV of $383 million ($242 million post tax); 30.1% IRR (24.1% post tax) and Operating Costs of $441 per tonne over a 25-year mine life. The study did not incorporate values related to its spherical graphite production.

September: The company’s definitive move into the project financing phase for the Lac Knife Project with first tranche closing of a $6.5 million private placement with net proceeds used in part for work related to the Detailed Engineering Phase of the project.

October: Intersection of significant mineralization at depth below a discovery of 88.5 metres grading 12.82% Cg at its Lac Tetepisca Project. Metallurgical results showed an average of 94.7% total carbon in +200 mesh flake, including 97.7% total carbon for +80 mesh flake with similarities in carbon content to the Company’s Lac Knife Deposit. The Graphite Flake shows some similar properties to the Lac Knife flake. This shows promise of use in batteries.

October: The Company enters into a pre-development, collaborative agreement with the Uashat Mak Mani-Utenam Innu First Nation to incorporate the community’s concerns related to the Lac Knife Graphite Project into the company’s submission of its Environmental and Social Impact Assessment to the Quebec government.

December: The filing of the company’s Environmental and Social Impact Assessment for the Lac Knife Graphite Project to the Quebec government – a significant milestone required to obtain permitting approvals for mine and plant construction.

January, 2015: Entering the final discussions phase for mine and plant financing beginning with Caterpillar Financial Services Corporation’s formal expression of interest in participating in the Lac Knife Project’s financing structuring.

Looking Ahead – Through 2015

Focus Graphite continues to maintain a strong current market position among its industry peers.

Driving forward to complete those discussions for financing and off-take, now underway, holds the potential to lead the sector into the green technology, renewable energy revolution.

Anticipated Milestones Include:

Commencement of detailed engineering (FEED) with potential site works underway in June, led by a strong Focus team.
Feasibility level design of Focus’ value added graphite plant and further refining and optimization of its spherical graphite process
Hydro-Quebec’s power line detailed engineering and build out to the Lac Knife mine site
Submission of Mine Closure Plan & mining leases

Since listing on the TSX-Venture, Focus has distinguished itself by shaping its business - and its business structures - to compete in high value technology markets.

Focus’ management is positioning the Lac Knife Project as a potential cost leader in the highly competitive battery materials supply sector and aims to do so from a vertically integrated business model that incorporates value added production.

Lac Knife’s project economics are positive and are built upon low production costs as outlined in the Lac Knife Feasibility Study filed on SEDAR.

In conclusion, commodities markets have changed dramatically during the last 18 months. This period of investment uncertainty continues to present challenges to project financing. Our project location in the Province of Quebec provides financing opportunities not available in other jurisdictions. Quebec is arguably the best mining jurisdiction in the world today.

Qualified Persons

Don Baxter, P. Eng., Focus President & Chief Operating Officer, is a Qualified Person as defined by NI 43-101 guidelines, has reviewed and approved the technical content of this news release.
European Union 5 Billion Euro Graphene Research Fund Goliath Moves to
Commercialization Efforts While Lomiko Efforts Start to Bear Fruit
February 1, 2015 TSX-V: LMR
Vancouver, B.C. Lomiko (“Lomiko”) (TSX-V:LMR, OTC:LMRMF, FSE:DH8B)
is raising the alarm regarding Canada's lacklustre efforts to capitalize on new
manufacturing and nanotechnology opportunities while concentrating on the oil
"In twenty years the effect of graphene and 3D printing on society will be
amazing, very much like the impact of plastics in the sixties and computers in the
eighties. I hope that Canadian finance and government institutions recognize the
opportunity for Canada to establish a competitive advantage,” stated A. Paul Gill,
CEO. "The EU has put 5 Billion euros into graphene research while most
Canadians don't even know about this Nobel-prize winning material."
Mr. Gill was recently interview by Business Television regarding Lomiko's efforts
in the field. View the 90 second video clip by clicking here.
Lomiko has been working for two years on graphene commercialization efforts.
Partnered with Graphene Labs, Lomiko has launched two ventures in the
graphene field. On January 5, 2015 Lomiko announced a summary of its activity
in 2014 and 2015 plans to spin-off two new technology companies after the
successful launch of Graphene 3D Lab, a company focused on developing 3D
Printing hardware and materials. Lomiko continues to hold 4,396,916 shares or
10.43% of Graphene 3D Lab, 40% of newly formed Graphene Energy Storage
Devices (Graphene ESD) and 100% of Lomiko Technologies Inc.
EU FUND - Graphene Flagship
The Graphene Flagship’s overriding goal is to take graphene, related layered
materials and hybrid systems from a state of raw potential to a point where they
can revolutionize multiple industries. This may bring a new dimension to future
technology and put Europe at the heart of the process, with a manifold return on
the investment as technological innovation, economic exploitation and societal
This requires the focus of the Flagship to evolve over the years, placing more
resources in areas where this transition is more likely. To accomplish this the
Graphene Flagship is looking for new industrial partners that bring in specific
industrial and technology transfer competences or capabilities that complement
the present consortium. Regarding what nations are eligible to apply,
the European Commission (EC) rules are found here.
The selected new partners will be incorporated in the scientific and technological
work packages of the core project under the Horizon 2020 phase of the Flagship
that is presently being planned and that will run during 1 April 2016 – 31 March
For more information on Lomiko Metals, review the website at Graphite, Graphene, Lithium, Battery, Green, Gold, Exploration, Junior,
contact A. Paul Gill at 604-729-5312 or email:
On Behalf of the Board
"Jacqueline Michael"
Jacqueline Michael
Mason Graphite Provides Update on Status of Feasibility Study, Environmental & Social Impact Assessment and Pilot Program

February 4, 2015

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwired - Feb. 4, 2015) - Mason Graphite Inc. ("Mason Graphite" or the "Company") (TSX VENTURE:LLG)(OTCQX:MGPHF) is pleased to present the firms that it has partnered with for the completion of the Feasibility Study and Environmental & Social Impact Assessment ("ESIA") for its Lac Gueret graphite project in northeastern Quebec.

The Company has retained Met-Chem, Soutex, Hatch and Gesmine Inc. for the completion of the Feasibility Study. Hatch has also been selected to manage the ESIA. The Feasibility Study and the ESIA are being conducted in parallel, and are expected to be completed in the second quarter of 2015.

Benoit Gascon, President and CEO of Mason Graphite, commented, "We are in a very important stage of development and we could not be happier with the team we have assembled. The majority of these entities had previous involvement with the Lac Gueret project and we are happy to be collaborating with these very experienced and reputable teams once again to maximize the potential of our project."

The details of the work allocation for the Feasibility Study and ESIA are as follows:
-- Met-Chem, located in Montreal, has been selected for the mining related
components of the Feasibility Study. Met-Chem formerly worked with Mason
Graphite on the Preliminary Economic Assessment for the Lac Gueret
-- Soutex, located in Quebec City, has been selected for the processing
related components of the Feasibility Study. Soutex has been involved
with the Company since April 2014 with metallurgical studies and more
recently with the pilot program (See October 21, 2014 press release);
-- Hatch, located in Montreal, has been selected to oversee several parts
of the Feasibility Study, including: industrialization of the operation,
infrastructure and execution plan as well as the management of the ESIA.
Hatch was involved in the recently announced trade-off study for the Lac
Gueret project, as well as other peripheral studies.
-- Gesmine Inc, located in the greater Montreal area, has been selected for
the economic analysis of the Feasibility Study.

Pilot Plant Testing Completed

The pilot plant conducted at COREM's research facility in Quebec City, announced on October 21, 2014, was completed in December. Initially intended as a six week program, the Company decided to extend it to further improve certain aspects of the flowsheet design, and to test technologies that were not initially considered.

A number of samples were obtained from the 60 tonne bulk sample at the pilot plant, including some process samples (pulps, solids, concentrates, rejects, discharges, inputs and outputs in the stages of liberation and recovery), as well as samples of finished product.

The process samples will be analyzed for, among others, particle size distribution, chemistry, mineralogy and the results will be used to further advance the understanding of the process flowsheet and the interactions between each step. The Company expects the sample analyses to be completed early in 2015. Depending on the results, additional tests may be conducted to further optimize components of the flowsheet.

Process samples are scheduled to be sent to equipment manufacturers for testing. These test results will be used for technology selection and equipment sizing for the completion of the Feasibility Study. Process samples will also be used for environmental purposes.

Finished product samples will be sent to select potential end users for technical and commercial evaluations.
- See more at: Mason Graphite - Mason Graphite Provides Update on Status of Feasibility Study, Environmental & Social Impact Assessment and Pilot Program
Zenyatta; Drill Program Commences on a Geophysical Target North of Albany Graphite Deposit

Thunder Bay, ON

4 February 2015

Zenyatta Ventures Ltd. (“Zenyatta” or “Company”) (TSXV : ZEN) is pleased to announce that a one or two hole drill program has commenced on a buried geophysical target north of the Albany graphite deposit in north-eastern Ontario. The program will consist of approximately 650 to 700 metres testing a magnetic and electromagnetic anomaly identified by Geotech’s VTEM 35 airborne system in 2010 and confirmed in a 2013 VTEM Max survey. The program is also designed to fulfill obligations under an agreement with Cliffs Natural Resources Exploration Canada Inc. that allowed Zenyatta to acquire 100% of Albany graphite deposit.

The entire Albany Project originally consisted of approximately 300,000 acres in 28 separate claim blocks in an area prospective for Copper, Nickel, PGM’s and other mineral deposit types. The 2010 airborne system identified greater than thirty anomalies on the various claim blocks. All of the high priority geophysical targets were tested with this last target, called 4E, remaining.

The drilling is being performed under the supervision of Peter Wood, P.Eng., P.Geo., VP Exploration of Zenyatta. Peter Wood is the Qualified Person under National Instrument 43-101 and has reviewed this news release. To find out more on Zenyatta Ventures Ltd., please visit website Zenyatta - Zenyatta Ventures Welcomes you to our New Site or contact the Company at or Tel. 807-346-1660.
February 9, 2015 TSX-V: LMR
Vancouver, B.C. Lomiko Metals Inc. (TSX-V:LMR, OTC:LMRMF, FSE:DH8B)
(“Lomiko”) and Canada Strategic Metals Inc. (“Canada Strategic”) (TSX.V: CJC;
FSE: YXEN; OTC-BB: CJCFF) are very pleased to confirm Lomiko’s acquisition
of a 40% interest in the La Loutre Property (see Lomiko’s press release dated
September 23, 2014 for more details on the initial transaction) and announce a
new option agreement between the two companies following a successful drilling
campaign on the La Loutre Property.
Canada Strategic has recently sought to divest itself of graphite assets and an
opportunity to acquire the Lac Des Illes Property arose for Lomiko. As such,
Lomiko and Strategic Metals have agreed on the terms of an additional option
pursuant to which Lomiko shall have the exclusive right and option to acquire an
additional 40% undivided interest in the La Loutre Property and an 80%
undivided interest in the Lac des Îles Property in exchange for a payment of
$10,000, the issuance of 3 million common shares of Lomiko and the funding of
$2.75 million in exploration expenditures over a 2 year period.
The Lac des Iles West property consists of 1 large contiguous block of 104
mineral claims totaling 5,601.30 hectares (56.01 km2) that borders the western
limit of the Imerys Lac Des Illes property which is the location of the Imerys
Carbon and Graphite Mine and Processing Facility. The Property is close to the
town of Mont-Laurier, 150 km northwest of Montréal in southern Québec.
As for the La Loutre Property, Lomiko had optioned the property from Canada
Strategic in September 2014 to explore for high grade, crystalline flake graphite
deposits that were near surface and for graphite flakes with high carbon purity.
Lomiko is especially interested in 6 drill hole intercepts that met or exceeded the
criteria jointly established by Canada Strategic and Lomiko. Further, these
intercepts indicate the possibility of significant tonnage of high grade graphite
near the surface
"Each of these drill holes merit further investigation," stated Mr. A. Paul Gill,
CEO, "Overall, the property has met our criteria and further exploration is
Highlighted Results
Hole #
To (m) Length* (m) Gp %
LL-14-05 6.65 135.00 128.35 4.72
Including 6.65 20.20 13.55 9.37
Including 104.00 130.40 26.40 8.42
LL-14-17 3.70 17.90 14.20 6.52
LL-14-19 3.00 15.40 12.40 5.36
including 13.00 15.40 2.40 15.65
37.30 60.00 22.70 6.64
including 38.35 49.00 10.65 11.18
66.00 75.65 9.65 4.55
LL-14 -21 15.3 35.6 20.3 8.01
LL-14-24 14.1 32.25 18.15 7.73
including 14.1 19.4 5.3 13.15
Details of the transaction
In order to acquire (i) an additional 40% undivided interest in the la Loutre
Property, thereby bringing its total interest to 80%, and (ii) an 80% undivided
interest in the Lac des Îles Property (collectively,the “Option”), Lomiko will need
to complete the following: pay a non refundable amount of $10,000 to Canada
Strategic upon the execution of the option agreement between the parties, issue
to Canada Strategic 3,000,000 common shares of Lomiko at a deemed price of
$0.07 per share within five (5) business days following the receipt of the required
regulatory approvals, and complete or fund $2.75 million in exploration expenses
on the La Loutre Property ($1.5 million, of which $950,000 by no later than
December 31, 2015 and $550,000 by no later than December 31, 2016), on the
Lac des Îles Property $250,000 (of which $150,000 by no later than December
31, 2015 and $100,000 by no later than December 31, 2016) and on other
mining rights of Canada Strategic ($1 million of which $700,000 by no later than
December 31, 2015 and $300,000 by no later than December 31, 2016). Canada
Strategic will remain the operator of the exploration programs on the properties
until completion of the Option by Lomiko, at which time the parties will form a
joint venture on the La Loutre Property and on the Lac des Îles Property, and
Lomiko will become the Operator. Canada Strategic will thereafter maintain a
non dilutive 20% interest on both properties until such time as a Feasibility Study
(as such term is defined in National Instrument 43-101 - Standards of Disclosure
for Mineral Projects) is completed on the La Loutre Porperty or the Lac des Îles
Property, as applicable, and the parties elect to proceed with the financing of the
project for the construction and operation of a mine thereon.
The common shares of Lomiko issued in connection with the Option shall be
subject to a regulatory hold period of four months and one day from their date of
issuance. Furthermore, Canada Strategic has agreed to a voluntary 10 month
period on half of the Lomiko shares received (1.5 million). The completion of the
transaction is subject to the approval of the TSX Venture Exchange.
A map of hole localisation and results is available on the web site of the company
at: Canada Strategic Metals - Graphite exploration & development