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La società ha fatto causa a Philip Morris per aver copiato un suo brevetto di sigaretta elettronica...vediamo come finirà la cosa, oggi a prezzo di “saldo”

HCMC Lawsuit
Lawsuit DD HCMC vs. PM Patent Infringement
Been doing some research and here is the gist of the lawsuit. Basically, HCMC is suing Philip Morris for patent infringement on as they call it "the 170 Patent" which refers to the patent HCMC has on electric pipes, delivery systems, heating coils, etc. Allegedly PM uses their "170 technology" on the IQOS product in some way, shape and form.
Now, the more interesting piece of what I found was what HCMC is looking for in their judgement. I took this from their legal submission to the Georgia Courts...take a look:
WHEREFORE, Healthier Choices respectfully requests the Court to enter judgment in its favor and grant the following relief:
a) Entry of judgment under 35 U.S.C. § 271(a) that Defendants and the manufacture, importation, offer for sale, sale, and/or use of Defendants’ IQOS® product have infringed at least one claim of the ’170 patent;
b) Entry of judgment under 35 U.S.C. § 271(b) that Defendants manufacture, importation, offer for sale, sale, and/or use of Defendants’ IQOS® product actively induces and/or contributes to the infringement of at least one claim of the ’170 patent;
c) Ordering Defendants to account and pay damages adequate to compensate Plaintiff for Defendants’ infringement of the ’170 patent, including pre-judgment and post-judgment interest and costs and supplement damages for any continuing post-verdict or post-judgment infringement;
d) Ordering an accounting for any infringing sales not presented at trial and an award by the Court of additional damages for any such infringing sales;
e) Awarding Healthier Choices its costs and expenses incurred in this Action;
f) Granting Healthier Choices such other and further equitable relief which may be requested and to which Healthier Choices is entitled; and
g) Granting such further relief as the Court deems appropriate.
Seems pretty compelling that they might get judgement in their favor, especially because of the law firm they hired. Anyway, if you want to take a look you can find the court submission at the end of this 8k/a:
Healthier Choices Management Corp. (Form: 8-K/A, Received: 12/02/2020 08:29:12)
Will keep digging and see what I find, but as of now no numbers seem to be attached for damages, etc...
Just my .02 CPM
Aggiungo qualche altro numero riportando questo articolo preso su Stocknews nel quale, al fondo, si parla di una cifra di possibile richiesta danni pari a 1,9B di dollari.
Ci sono numeri seri e spinta a comprare, ma una lettura la darei...

Featured Post From StockTwits About PM
$HCMC to all, put your mind at ease. Mar/15 or before judge will reply to dismissal (97% chance denied). Then rebuttal another 14days. But will this go to trial: IMO NOOOO. Trial will be with jury and PM has no chance with jury trial being a tobacco company. PM don’t do well with jury because of this. Plus, if goes to trial $HCMC will slap an injunction so fast on $PM they won’t know what hit them. Imagine if you were a company and 26% of your yearly revenue was halted. Trials can go on for years. So let’s say 6bil loss because of trial. Hmmmm I’m a business owner and I know for a fact I wouldn’t want that I would reach a settlement. So again all of you with your panties in a bunch chill out. SETTLEMENT will be here sooner then you think. Wish I knew the amount but again would be Speculation: let’s say 1.5-3bil plus royalties. So LETS ALL JUST BE SMART AND HOLD UNTIL ATLEAST .10 you will all be happier
Chrissd4, published February 28, 2021
Other Notable StockTweets About PM

$HCMC Disclaimers I am not a bear just a seasoned investor. This stock will bottom out at some point. In the meantime $PM will file a Answer and possibly a counter claim. $HCMC will file injunctive relief to halt sell of IQOS. There will be discovery. All the while this stock will up tick .05% to 1% a week over the course of several weeks, then months until it hits .01- then .05 and so on until we are at a quarter and then a dollar. This is a slow grind to the top. No big spikes or run ups and when a catalyst hits and you jump in it's to late you will be a bag holder. And the real investors that held for 6plus months will already be rich while your chasing ONCE AGAIN! Build your position out and set it to forget it. Learn how to invest. We own HCMC we don't trade it !

KashDoll, published February 24, 2021

1. Real company 9 stores, 44 patents. Online retail stores
2. Insider ownership of 44%%
3. Recent investor bought 2 billion shares at 150% premium price with 6 month no sell contract
4. $HCMC is suing Phillip Morris for patent infringement, clear, cut and dry case, PM does not want this exposure! Lawsuit settlement in the works, HCMC is being represented by Cozen O Conor, top law firm in the US!
5. $PM took out an extra 1.75 billion loan, the exact amount range the settlement would be.
6. $PM has already admitted to settlement in Investor Conference notes yesterday. https://twitter.com/ttrader1976/status/1359628043359309828?s=21
7. 10-30 Billion Daily Volume Average
8. 59k + Stocktwits Watchers
9. On every youtube, reddit, and internet trending.
10. CEO owns 11 billion shares, is a lawyer, and has NYSE broker working with him.
11. Earnings on 16th, next Tuesday, Monday no trading. Earnings will likely have positive news launching this until the 26th when it will EXPLODE!

HeyBuckwheat, published February 15, 2021

Understanding the numbers at play for those who don’t think this could hit $1 so read and make your own mind up.

$PM has almost 18m users of the IOQS device. It’s the technology around this which is the basis for their legal action.

x $80 per unit = $1.4 Billion
+ ongoing refills
+ smokeless is fastest growing part of $PM business (source latest earnings)

Whatever the result of case and settlement, they won’t want to loose the ability to keep selling and could be forced to license it

This could be huge - but do your own research, PM earning explain how reliant they now are on this sector of smokeless.

Stuntjumper, published February 9, 2021
$HCMC so they put their intellectual props into a subsidiary about the same time they filed a lawsuit against $PM which could be for selling off the patent, seems very interesting... and in the lawsuit, is that 1.9B just for what’s owed to them up to now from past earnings on our technology? Just wondering if that includes future earnings using our patent? I would imagine in the lawsuit that it would be a cease and desist if they won the court case, or pay up for future money’s received from HCMCs patent. Because if there were to be a buyout, one would think that they owe for what they have earned, what they will earn, and what that patent is worth for selling to competitors or pot companies. Some serious coin..
Dai prezzi di saldo ora a più 61% con 28 bilion sui volumi.
Spero che qualcuno qui nel forum abbia comprato qualcosa.
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quardi un po cosa ne ha fatto questo OTC

Bayport International Holdings $ 14,46 5,35 58,73 % US0730683069 ieri + 58 %
Dopo lo split quotava a 0,10 $ da 0,30 oscillava a 0,55 mi sono stufato e' lo ho venduto....managgia...

io lo ho venduto con una piccolo gain..... oggi ancora + 100 a 28,5 $ rova da matti
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Si, io ne ho 2500000, l'ho seguita da subito ma non ne ho approfittato appieno prendendole a 0,0002/3, ora prezzo medio 0,0010. Vediamo un po'.....
Ecco perchè vedevo mega volumi da giorni...interessante, quando si pronuncerà il Tribunale?
Lottos preso a 0012....vediamo se vinciamo la causa per plagio...sennò amen!
N.B. per friulino, tavola n.44 :clap:
Lottos preso a 0012....vediamo se vinciamo la causa per plagio...sennò amen!
N.B. per friulino, tavola n.44 :clap:

si si....tavola qua, tavola la, 41-42-43-44....ma mi pare che c'è il mare piatto....compra Dper la 45esima ;)