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I-many Expands Its Enterprise Contract Management Solution With the Release of I-many Scoring Manager
Monday January 23, 8:01 am ET

EDISON, N.J.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 23, 2006--I-many, Inc. (NASDAQ:IMNY - News), provider of advanced Enterprise Contract Management (ECM) solutions for managing corporate commitments, today announced general availability of I-many Scoring Manager(TM). Scoring Manager is a powerful scoring engine that allows organizations to easily analyze large volumes of contract data to identify top performing customers and suppliers. Through graphical reports and analysis, organizations gain instant visibility into the rankings of each business partner along with detailed information about the terms, conditions, and performance metrics that have led to these results.
Scoring Manager is built on I-many's revolutionary Enterprise Contract Management Foundation (ECMF) platform and provides companies with the tools to evaluate and improve their customer and supplier relationships. Scoring Manager provides organizations with the ability to:

Assess Supplier Performance -- Scoring Manager enables businesses to define criteria for evaluating and ranking suppliers objectively while providing a basis to compare all vendors across an organization. Buyers obtain a consolidated view of supplier performance and a better understanding of the business costs associated with each supplier. Scoring Manager empowers an organization to provide inducements for continual improvement of supplier performance.
Understand the Value of Contracts -- Scoring Manager allows businesses to use existing customer and supplier information to develop high value business arrangements. For example, companies can leverage detailed information regarding customer, market and deal characteristics to identify opportunities that have historically resulted in the highest returns for the company. Companies can also utilize Scoring Manager to identify low value business arrangements that need to be revisited to produce a higher return for the organization.
Analyze Market Opportunities -- Scoring Manager helps organizations to uncover and unlock new market opportunities by rapidly assessing and evaluating market scenarios. Companies can easily develop and apply different scoring models to achieve targeted objectives, such as identifying market opportunities, boosting customer satisfaction and retention rates, and understanding the competitive landscape.
"Failure to accurately measure, evaluate, and manage the performance of customers and suppliers increases a company's costs and hinders its competitiveness in the market," said Mike Gordon, vice president of product management at I-many. "With Scoring Manager, organizations can better understand and structure their business relationships to drive revenue, reduce risk and enhance overall contracting performance."

About I-many

I-many (NASDAQ:IMNY - News) delivers advanced Enterprise Contract Management solutions for managing corporate commitments. Designed to extend beyond the traditional contract management capabilities, I-many ContractSphere® offers an end-to-end solution, from pre-contract processes and contract management to transaction compliance. Ultimately, this provides companies with the visibility and control needed to manage any type of commitments -- from contracts and obligations to payments and collections. The result is increased revenue, minimized risk and dramatically reduced operating costs, which deliver improved profitability with hard return on investment. More than 280 customers across 21 industries worldwide have implemented and realized the value of I-many business solutions.

For more information, please visit www.imany.com.


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