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The Saint

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solo un grafico per servizio...

comunque un titolo da seguire non tanto per l'andamento tecnico quanto per i suoi discussi fondamentali soprattutto dopo la sequela di take-overs di nomi eccellenti... EXPE, ROOM, TMCS etc


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a lawsuit seeking class action status has been filed in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York on behalf of all persons who purchased the publicly traded securities of IAC/InterActiveCorp (Nasdaq: IACI) ("IAC") between March 19, 2003 and August 4, 2004, inclusive (the "Class Period").

The Complaint alleges that IAC, an intermediary between suppliers and consumers, which aggregates large blocks of consumer goods and services (primarily travel-related products such as hotel rooms and airline tickets) from suppliers and sells them to consumers over the Internet, issued materially false statements in connection with the acquisitions of Expedia, Hotels.com and LearningTree.com, and with IAC's financial reports and other statements. Specifically, in early 2003, defendants began to artificially inflate the price of IAC's common stock in order to decrease the amount of stock IAC would ultimately have to issue to acquire all of the outstanding shares of Expedia and Hotels.com, permitting IAC to use its inflated stock as acquisition currency. Throughout the Class Period, defendants also caused IAC to spend over $1.5 billion to repurchase over 47 million shares of its own common stock to further prop-up the Company's stock price.

On August 4, 2004, IAC disclosed in its Q2 2004 earnings release that its net income fell 24% from the same quarter in 2003 and that it was cutting its forecast for full-year operating profits, admitting that it was being provided less airline seats and hotel rooms to sell. On this news, the Company's stock price dropped from its Class Period high of $42.74 per share on July 7, 2003 to close at $22.80 per share on August 4, 2004.

If you are a member of the class, you may, no later than November 19, 2004 request that the Court appoint you as lead plaintiff of the class. A lead plaintiff is a class member that acts on behalf of other class members in directing the litigation.
si mette male o doppio minimo o comincia una nuova fase bearish


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da seguire......


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dopo il rimbazo di ieri mette a segno un bel allungo anche oggi se l rsi e macd dovessero tagliare rispettivamente la linea del 50 e dello 0 sarebbe pronta per andare verso la chiusura del gap


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bene bene manteniamo e vediamo dove puo' arrivare se arriva sui 22 si puo dare a qualcun altro


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partenza in gap questa andra' a chiudere il gap


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sale in pre,,,,,,,,,,,

Up in pre,, e con botte in acquisto grosse,, ho visto un ordine di 7.400 pezzi,, per circa 200.000 dollari,, e ne vedo uno in bid di 20.000 pezzi,, per circa 500.000 dollari,,, o sono pazzi o sanno qualcosa:mmmm: oppure hanno un sacco di soldi da riskiare:D
Interactive an Internet bargain: Barron's
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By Greg Morcroft, MarketWatch
Last Update: 10:41 AM ET Feb 25, 2006

NEW YORK (MarketWatch) -- Barry Diller's conglomerate of Internet businesses, IAC/Interactive Corp, is undervalued by as much as 30% and could provide strong returns as it buys back shares and grows its businesses, Barron's reported Saturday.
Interactive's businesses include the television shopping channel HSN as well as Match.com, Evite, LendingTree, Citysearch, Ask.com and Ticketmaster.
Barron's said Interactive (IACI :

29.92, +1.28, +4.5% ) is showing growth in all of its major businesses, which contributed to a 45% jump in fourth quarter revenue, to $1.8 billion, from $1.2 billion.
In 2006, the report said revenue will likely reach $6.5 billion, with profit of $1.47 a share, up from $5.6 billion and $1.30 a share in 2005. It said analysts' early estimates for 2007 results include revenue of $7 billion and earnings of $1.57 a share.
Diller built Interactive over several years that were marked by aggressive acquisitions, but the report said its buying spree has cooled as likely targets have become too expensive.
Instead, the company has been buying back shares.
According to Barron's it bought back $1.8 billion of its stock and has recently initiated another plan to buy back up to 42 million more shares, about 12% of the fully diluted total outstanding.
Among other possible catalysts for the stock Barron's suggested are its affiliation with Liberty Media, through that firm's 21% stake in Interactive and the growing Internet search business at its Ask.com unit.
The report said Ask.com is gaining market share and now accounts for about 6.4% of the search industry's total queries, up from 5% a year ago.
According to Bill Miller, who manages funds for Legg Mason, the shares could trade as high as somewhere above $40 on a sum of the parts basis.
"It trades like a collection of very slow-growth or declining assets. Newspaper companies trade at this range or higher. But it's a much more interesting collection of assets. On a comparative basis to a variety of media assets, you get a value in the mid-30s, and on a sum-of-the-parts basis, you can get into the 40s," Barron's quoted Miller saying.
Interactive shares rose 14 cents on Friday to close at $28.64.
Greg Morcroft is New York news editor of MarketWatch.
Buona possibilità di short OK!


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