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Si legge da piu' parti che molte societa' stanno smobilitando i loro impianti produttivi nell'Europa Occidentale per andare in Cina o nell'Europa Orientale.

Ho intenzione di fare la stessa cosa con i miei fondi di investimento.
Addico vecchia Europa, cia Europa occidentale.

Tra i vari fondi questo mi sembra molto interessante, che ve ne pare ?

Sogelux Fund Equities Eastern Europe A Acc
guarda anche schroder emerging europe....... ad 1 anno è andato meglio (+47% contro il 30% del Sogelux)
Scritto da Willy Saxon
guarda anche schroder emerging europe....... ad 1 anno è andato meglio (+47% contro il 30% del Sogelux)

Dai un'occhiata anche a Merril Lynch, uno dei migliori sia a 1 anno che a 3 e a 5 anni....;)
Per chi voglia metterci un cippino....... immobiliare paesi dell'est. Immoeast Immobilien e Atrium European Real Estate Limited (ex Meinl European Land). Sono scese parecchio .... vedetevi nei rispettivi siti l'ultimo report disponibile.


Ecco l'ultimo report di Atrium

Novità... aperti due centri commerciali in Polonia, ampliamento centro commerciale in Slovacchia, ampliamento centro commerciale in Romania:

Attenzione invece a Immoeast, è scesa tantissimo a causa di un problema finanziario.... aspetto il report trimestrale atteso per il 18 dicembre. Qui si può fare una speculazione .... attenzione a non rimetterci le penne però!
Allego nota della società del 02.12:

Progress of Restructuring at IMMOFINANZ AG and IMMOEAST AG

Thomas Kleibl assumed his position as spokesman of the Executive Board of IMMOFINANZ AG on 13.10.2008, Eduard Zehetner was appointed spokesman of the Executive Board of IMMOEAST AG and CFO of IMMOFINANZ AG as of 21.11.2008.

At their joint press conference today, the two directors appealed to the media to “make a clear distinction in their reports between events under former CEO Petrikovics and the new management’s efforts to clarify issues and press ahead with restructuring.”

According to the new management team, the current situation of the Immofinanz Group is as follows:

* The matter of the EUR 512 million bond issued by IBAG and purchased by IMMOEAST AG has been cleared up: Most of the money was evidently used to purchase shares, and some to purchase investments within Constantia Privatbank. Losses were incurred there due to falling share prices. However, the executive board considers the bond to be a solid investment as it is guaranteed by Constantia Packaging B.V.
* Details of the statements made by Karl Petrikovics to the public prosecutor have been published in the media and a clear picture is emerging: Instead of concentrating on IMMOFINANZ AG and IMMOEAST AG Karl Petrikovics played off various interests against one another. The new directors are working solely for IMMOFINANZ AG and IMMOEAST AG.
* Both directors have started transferring the management duties previously carried out by CPB to the Immofinanz Group.
* This has finally brought the “Petrikovics era” to an end. There is now a clear framework of competencies along with clear and transparent management responsibilities.
* Both companies are drawing up a business plan which will help safeguard liquidity and facilitate restructuring.
* In negotiations with the many affected banks, six key banks were quickly established as dialogue partners. Restructuring negotiations are being held with these six core banks. “We are planning to achieve the first milestone in restructuring the group by Christmas”, explains Thomas Kleibl.
* Property development projects for which there is no secure financing, or whose profitability cannot be guaranteed in the current crisis, have been, or will be, stopped in the interests of the shareholders.
* The sale of real estate is proceeding smoothly. There have been several expressions of interest in properties such as the City Tower Vienna. In the case of the City Tower, the Republic of Austria has a right of first refusal which will of course be granted. There are no plans to sell BUWOG.
* With the statement of facts given by Thomas Kleibl to the prosecutor in Vienna, the Immofinanz Group has made an important contribution to clarifying all the murky transactions carried out in recent years. “We will support the authorities wherever we can. Yet above all, with the help of our staff and the acknowledged quality of our properties, we will build up a transparent and successful real estate group. We are demonstrably working in the sole interest of the shareholders of IMMOFINANZ AG and IMMOEAST AG,” Kleibl and Zehetner emphasised. “We have full confidence that the Austrian legal system will clear up any criminal offences that may have been committed. The shareholders can rest in the knowledge that we are devoting all our efforts to working for our company.”
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Come vanno ultimamente le cose?
Per me molte aziende vanno dirette in cina senza passare più per l'est europa...
Ci sono anche gli etf armonizzati sull' Europa dell'est.
sull'est europa a me piace l'ish eastern europe... riesce a battere anche se di poco l'indice, si vede che la gestione è molto efficiente , è l'unico etf non super liquido che ho...

a mio avviso troppo snobbato dagli investitori