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Gooo! Appena entrato. Titolo consigliato da Peterleeds ancora in ottobre,lo seguivo da un pezzo,mi piace moltissimo il business e adesso mi sono deciso d i prenderlo.

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LQMT is the leading developer of amorphous alloys

For the first nine months of 2003, LQMT reported revenue growth of 126%

LQMT reported first and second quarter revenue growth of 348% and 199%

LQMT recently signed major contracts with the U.S. Army and Air Force

Liquidmetal was recognized by IndustryWeek Magazine as one of seven technologies of the year for 2002

Outlook- A strong, refocused, restructured company with their vision clearly focused on the future, Liquidmetal Techs Inc. (LQMT) is the unarguable leader in an industry that is poised to render current material technology obsolete.

Twice the strength of titanium with the processing efficiency of plastics, LQMT's patented Liquidmetal alloys and composites present new opportunities for the current and future designs of metallic based products.

As LQMT controls the intellectual property rights with more than 20 patents on the composition, processing and usage of this technology, their high performance material and products are revolutionizing the materials world.

Business Profile - LQMT is the leading developer, manufacturer, and marketer of products made from amorphous (shapeless, fluid) alloys. Amorphous alloys are unique materials that are characterized by a random atomic structure, in contrast to the crystalline atomic structure - possessed by ordinary metals and alloys.

The secret to this innovation lies in the alloy's amorphous structure that eliminates the inherently weak spots found at molecular grain boundaries. "All metals have an amorphous structure in their liquid state," says VP of Medical Products Barry Canon.

"But our alloy retains this characteristic in its solid state,
essentially making it like a metallic glass."
LQMT’s revolutionary, patented Liquidmetal alloys represent the first enabling materials technology since the creation of thermoplastics and possess characteristics that make them superior in many ways to other commercially-viable materials.

Liquidmetal is two to three times stronger than commonly used titanium alloys, harder than tool steel, relatively non-corrosive and wear resistant, and can be molded into precision net-shaped parts similar to plastic; resulting in intricate and sophisticated engineered designs.
LQMT is the first company to produce amorphous alloys in commercially viable bulk form, enabling significant improvements in products across a wide array of industries, including: industrial coating, defense, space, electronic casings, medical devices, fine jewelry, and sporting goods.

In support of these efforts, the company completed construction of its first manufacturing plant in September 2002. The plant, located in Pyongtaek, South Korea, is in close proximity to the company’s initial base of customers in the electronic products industry.

Fundamental Analysis - On October 30, 2003 LQMT announced their financial results for the third quarter and nine months ended September 30, 2003. Revenues for the third quarter were $3.5 million compared with $3.7 million in the third quarter of 2002. Revenues for the first nine months of 2003 were up 126% to $16.5 million compared with $7.3 million in the prior year period.

Commenting on the results and the company's outlook, LQMT's Chairman and CEO John Kang said, "Over the past year our alloy technology has attracted product development efforts with world class companies in each of our principal product focus areas--medical, sports and luxury, electronics and defense."
He concluded, "From this experience, we believe a heightened emphasis on strategic transactions that leverage the resources, market strength and technologies of outside partners can create valuable new opportunities both within and beyond the boundaries of these four target markets, while enabling the company to operate on a much less capital-intensive basis than our previous, internal-only manufacturing model."

In support of this strategic transition, the company is engaged in extensive cost improvement measures to align operating costs with its reduced manufacturing profile and to further optimize cash resources.
Back on July 31 LQMT announced results for its second quarter and six months ended June 30, 2003. Revenues for the second quarter increased 199% to $6.4 million, while revenues for the first six months of 2003 were up 260%.

Recent News - On October 9 LQMT announced that it is pursuing a modified business strategy that sharply curtails its previous focus on mass-market, commodity cell phone components and limits internal manufacturing activities to select premium products that require the high-performance qualities of Liquidmetal alloys and can be priced accordingly.

In addition, the company reported that it intends to pursue strategic partnerships, principally in the form of technology licensing, joint development and product distribution relationships, to facilitate more rapid and effective commercialization of new products utilizing its amorphous alloy materials.

Commenting on the new strategy, company Chairman and CEO John Kang said, "Our revised strategy addresses the reality that our unprecedented technology is still new in the marketplace, and that while we have made great progress in developing and improving our proprietary processes over the past year, they are not yet refined to the point that we can cost-effectively manufacture price-sensitive, commodity products."

He concluded, "Our core competency is alloy development, and we believe that a business model heavily weighted to funded, strategic partnerships will provide a more direct path to revenue growth and success."

On August 11, 2003 LQMT announced that it has signed a new, $3.0 million research and development contract with the U.S. Army for continuing development of high-performance Liquidmetal alloy composite Kinetic Energy Penetrator (KEP) rods for use in armor-piercing ammunition systems. The 16-month contract will be directed to development of KEPs for the Air Force's tank-killing A-10 "Warthog" ground attack jet.

And on July 1, the Air Force awarded LQMT an $811,000 corrosion study contract to document the anti-corrosive properties of various Liquidmetal alloy compositions in environments of military interest.

Conclusion - LQMT is the unarguable leader in an industry that is poised to render current material technology obsolete. LQMT is a strong, refocused, restructured company with their vision clearly focused on the future.

Over the last few quarters LQMT has reported significant revenue growth, reduced their headcount by 43%, eliminated or phased out unprofitable elements of the company, and consolidated their manufacturing and administrative facilities.
They have recently signed new contracts with the U.S. Army and Air Force and are currently manufacturing prototypes with industry leaders that include: Samsung, Sony, HEAD Sport, Rawlings, TAG Heuer, Surgical Specialties and DePuy Orthopaedics.

Alas, new converts to Liquidmetal have not come as quickly as some industry analysts would like; this has in turn driven the company’s share price downward. Strangely, when LQTM does announce encouraging press releases, the market seems to turn a blind eye.

It could be just a matter of time before LQMT’s high performance material
and products revolutionize the materials world.
LQMT is a solid, well run company with revolutionary, industry changing products that are the wave of the future. While some investors take a wait and see approach to LQMT, others could see this as an opportunity to delve into an emerging company that is currently sitting in an excellent trading range.
Liquidmetal Technologies Produces Over 1 Million --And Counting-- High-Performance Hinge Components For Samsung Cell Phones
Wednesday January 21, 9:12 am ET
Purchase Order For New E715 and E3200 Models The Latest In Emerging Product Niche For Superior-Strength Amorphous Alloys

LAKE FOREST, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 21, 2004-- Liquidmetal® Technologies (Nasdaq:LQMT - News) today announced that Samsung Electronics is using high-strength Liquidmetal® alloys for the hinge housings of its new SGH-E715 and SCH-E3200 model mobile phones--the latest in a growing line of Samsung models featuring the revolutionary material in this critical-performance application.
The E715 and E3200 join Samsung's high-end SCH-E250 and SCH-V330 models already on the market and employing Liquidmetal hinge components. Shipments of hinge components for these models surpassed one million units in December, the amorphous alloy manufacturer reported.

All four Samsung models are flip-phone designs offering state-of-the-art multi-media features, including camcorder functionality, which require more complex circuitry in the handset and place greater demands on the performance of internal structural components.

Enter Liquidmetal alloys, revolutionary materials that are two-to-three times stronger than titanium but can be molded into precision cast parts. Samsung, the world's third-largest mobile phone maker, is the first to utilize Liquidmetal alloys in the housings that protect the all-important hinge on the flip-type handset of its top-performing models. The E715 and E3200 phones are among various Samsung models expected to launch in 2004 incorporating Liquidmetal alloy components produced at Liquidmetal's Pyongtaek, South Korea manufacturing plant.

"Samsung is setting new industry standards for design innovation and quality in their cell phone products, and Liquidmetal alloys are ideally suited for critical-performance, close-tolerance applications like hinge housings, where incumbent materials such as zinc, magnesium, stainless steel and even titanium have inherent design and performance limitations," said Liquidmetal Chairman and CEO John Kang. "This has the potential to be the launching point for a range of similar niche applications that would benefit from the strength and performance advantages of Liquidmetal alloys."

Kang explained that hinge components made with lower-strength metals have less resilience to impact from dropping or the daily wear-and-tear of repeated flip-phone action--factors that can cause a hinge housing to "deform" and impede the smooth action of the hinge. Liquidmetal alloys, on the other hand, have superior yield strength and elasticity, properties that resist deformation and provide exceptional durability. In addition, structural parts made from Liquidmetal alloys can be die cast to thinner profiles while maintaining their superior strength, allowing more design space to accommodate new technology--an important advantage in light of increasing consumer demand for smaller products with ever-increasing functionality.

"It's an excellent example of the value proposition of Liquidmetal alloys: design flexibility and superior performance," Kang said. "We are pleased to be playing a supporting role in Samsung's acknowledged reputation for high-quality, cutting-edge products."

About Liquidmetal Alloys

Liquidmetal® alloys are a product of Lake Forest, California-based Liquidmetal Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq:LQMT - News), the leading developer of coatings, powders, bulk alloys and composites that utilize the performance advantages offered by amorphous alloy technology. Amorphous alloys are unique materials that are distinguished by their ability to retain a random atomic structure when they solidify, in contrast to the crystalline atomic structure that forms in ordinary metals and alloys. Liquidmetal Technologies is the first company to produce amorphous alloys in commercially viable bulk form, enabling significant improvements in products across a wide array of industries.

For additional product and marketing contact information, please visit the Liquidmetal Technologies website at http://www.liquidmetal.com, or direct phone inquiries to Liquidmetal Technologies-Marketing at 949-206-8021.

This press release may contain "forward-looking statements" that involve risks and uncertainties, including statements regarding our plans, future events, objectives, expectations, forecasts, or assumptions. Any statement in this press release that is not a statement of historical fact is a forward-looking statement, and in some cases, words such as "believe," "estimate," "project," "expect," "intend," "may," "anticipate," "plans," "seeks," and similar expressions identify forward-looking statements. These statements involve risks and uncertainties that could cause actual outcomes and results to differ materially from the anticipated outcomes or result, and undue reliance should not be placed on these statements. These risks and uncertainties may include: our limited operating history in developing and manufacturing products from bulk amorphous alloys; the adoption of our alloys by customers; the commercial success of our customer's products; our ability to identify, develop, and commercialize new applications for our alloys; competition with suppliers of incumbent materials; the development of new materials that render our alloys obsolete; the ability to manage our anticipated growth; our limited direct experience in manufacturing bulk alloy products; scaling-up our manufacturing facilities; protecting our intellectual property; problems associated with manufacturing and selling our alloys outside of the United States; and other risks and uncertainties discussed in filings made with the Securities and Exchange Commission (including risks described in subsequent reports on Form 10-Q, Form 10-K, Form 8-K, and other filings). Liquidmetal Technologies disclaims any intention or obligation to update or revise any forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events, or otherwise.
Graficamente non mi piace devo dire pero me ne frego,se scende ne prendo ancora.
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interessante indubbiamente e basso, visto che ha fatto i minimi a dic;).

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Liquidmetal Techs Inc.
October 30th Market: Nasdaq
Profile Price: $2.70
Web | Quote | Chart | News Buy Opinion: 2.50 - 2.75
Short-term Sell: 4.40 - 4.90
Long-term Sell: 6.20 - 6.80

Target personale di peteter,si parla ancora di ottobre,ma le societa che consiglia lui sono per il lungo,non di certo per fare trading.
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Accordo di Multi-Anno del segno di Liquidmetal Technologies e di Rawlings Sporting Goods Company sviluppare l'apparecchiatura di baseball di Alto-Prestazioni
Venerdì 6 febbraio 1:31 pm ET
Il nuovo contratto segue il lancio riuscito della linea del blocco di Rawlings-Liquidmetal

FORESTA del LAGO, California -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Febbraio. 6, 2004 -- Liquidmetal® Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq:LQMT - Notizie) e Rawlings Sporting Goods Company, una filiale di K2 Inc. (NYSE:KTO - Le notizie), annunciate oggi che hanno firmato un nuovo, accordo esclusivo di multi-anno sviluppare il campione seguente in apparecchiatura di baseball ad alto rendimento che utilizza Liquidmetal® uniscono in lega.
Questo nuovo patto segue il lancio di last.year'della linea inaugurale del Rawlings di baseball ed il softball batte l'inclusione della tecnologia pura di Transfer(TM) di energia di Liquidmetal ed estende un accordo precedente di sviluppo di prodotto e dell'autorizzazione. Le tecnologie di Liquidmetal e di Rawlings stanno funzionando insieme sullo sviluppo delle innovazioni di innovazione nei blocchi di prestazioni dal 2001.

"il lancio della linea di Liquidmetal è stato l'introduzione del blocco più riuscita nella storia del Rawlings," rapporti Stan Lippelman, vice presidente del Rawlings dell'introduzione sul mercato. "mentre Rawlings ha dominato storicamente il mercato di prodotto della sfera e del guanto, abbiamo avuti sempre occasioni per sviluppo nei blocchi di prestazioni. La linea di Liquidmetal catapulting noi in questa categoria. È una combinazione perfetta: la marca di baseball di numero uno nel mondo e l'alimentazione marcare a caldo e di prestazioni di tecnologia® di Liquidmetal."

Rawlings è la marca di numero uno dei guanti fielding, dei caschi della pastella, dei baseballs e delle attrezzature protettive del collettore e della marca di numero due in blocchi di legno, secondo Lippelman. Rawlings è inoltre il baseball ufficiale di baseball principale della lega, baseball secondario della lega ed il NCAA ed il casco ufficiale di baseball principale della lega.

Il gruppo merceologico® corrente® di Rawlings Liquidmetal caratterizza una gamma completa di blocchi di prestazioni del metallo in quattro categorie -- la gioventù, alto school/collegiate e baseball maggiore della lega e velocemente lancia il softball. Sotto il nuovo accordo, Rawlings effettua un'autorizzazione esclusiva svilupparsi e la tecnologia di Liquidmetal del mercato nella categoria di baseball e di softball, in cambio dei diritti d'autore alle tecnologie di Liquidmetal su tutte le vendite del prodotto. Con gli sforzi uniti di sviluppo, le due aziende intendono migliorare ed espandersi sui prodotti correnti del blocco così come esplori le occasioni per altri baseball ed applicazioni softball-relative del prodotto.

Peter Thomson-Smith, Presidente-Sport vice e prodotti di svago per le tecnologie di Liquidmetal, ad esempio, "il nostro successo con Rawlings è stato emozionante e gratifying ed aspettiamo con impazienza di espandere il rapporto e le offerte del prodotto sotto il nuovo accordo. Unito con la risposta opprimente al lancio dell'anno scorso della linea CAPA award-winning® del racquet di tennis di Liquidmetal, 2003 era allineare una svolta per le tecnologie di Liquidmetal nel regno di alto-profilo degli sport competitivi. Il nostro obiettivo è di capitalizzare e costruire su quella quantità di moto in 2004 con i nuovi prodotti di sport innovatori delle merci."

Circa Le Leghe Di Liquidmetal

Le leghe® di Liquidmetal sono un prodotto della foresta del lago, Liquidmetal Technologies, Inc. California-basato (Nasdaq:LQMT - Le notizie), lo sviluppatore principale dei rivestimenti, le polveri, le leghe all'ingrosso ed i composti che utilizzano i vantaggi di prestazioni hanno offerto da tecnologia amorfa della lega. Le leghe amorfe sono materiali unici che sono distinti dalla loro capacità di mantenere una struttura atomica casuale quando si solidificano, contrariamente alla struttura atomica cristallina che forma in metalli e leghe ordinari. Le tecnologie di Liquidmetal è la prima azienda per produrre le leghe amorfe nella forma all'ingrosso commercialmente possibile, permettendo i miglioramenti significativi in prodotti attraverso una grande selezione delle industrie.

Per le informazioni supplementari del contatto di vendita e del prodotto, visiti prego il Web site di tecnologie di Liquidmetal a www.liquidmetal.com, o diriga le inchieste del telefono verso l'Tecnologia-Introduzione sul mercato di Liquidmetal a 949-206-8021.

Circa Rawlings Sporting Goods Company, Inc.

Rawlings, un'azienda di K2 inc, è un marketer e un fornitore principali di attrezzature di baseball e di altre merci di sport negli Stati Uniti. Rawlings è il baseball ufficiale di baseball principale della lega e dei campionati® di baseball di NCAA ed il casco ufficiale di baseball principale della lega. I giocatori più importanti della lega scelgono il guanto del Rawlings che qualunque altra marca, compreso tali stelle come Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez, Ken Griffey, il Jr., Randy Johnson, Troy Glaus, il cacciatore di Torii, il verde dello Shawn, Jim Edmonds, il microfono Piazza, Nomar Garciaparra, Barry Zito, contrassegnano prior e Pedro Martinez. Rawlings è inoltre la pallacanestro ufficiale per il NAIA, NJCAA, AAU e molte altre organizzazioni, così come il gioco del calcio ufficiale del NAIA. Rawlings è la sfera ufficiale di pallacanestro, di gioco del calcio, di baseball, di softball, di volleyball e di soccer della federazione nazionale della High School.

Questo comunicato stampa può contenere "di andata-osservare le dichiarazione" che coinvolga i rischi ed incertezze, compreso le dichiarazione per quanto riguarda i nostri programmi, eventi futuri, obiettivi, aspettative, previsioni, o presupposti. Tutta la dichiarazione in questo comunicato stampa che non è una dichiarazione del fatto storico è una dichiarazione di andata-osservante ed in alcuni casi, le parole come "credono," "valutazione," "il progetto," "preveda," "intenda," "possa," "anticipi," "programmi," "ricerche," e le espressioni simili identificano di andata-osservare le dichiarazione. Queste dichiarazione coinvolgono i rischi e le incertezze che potrebbero indurre i risultati ed i risultati reali a differire da materialmente dai risultati o dal risultato previsti e la fiducia eccessiva non dovrebbe essere disposta su queste dichiarazione. Questi rischi ed incertezze possono includere: la nostra storia di funzionamento limitata in prodotti di sviluppo e di produzione dalle leghe amorfe all'ingrosso; l'approvazione delle nostre leghe dai clienti; il successo commerciale dei prodotti del nostro cliente; la nostra capacità di identificare, sviluppa e commercializza le nuove domande di nostre leghe; concorrenza con i fornitori dei materiali del incumbent; lo sviluppo di nuovi materiali che rendono le nostre leghe obsolete; la capacità di controllare il nostro sviluppo previsto; la nostra esperienza diretta limitata di prodotti della lega alla rinfusa di manufacturing; scaling-up-in su le nostre facilità di manufacturing; protezione della nostra proprietà intellettuale; i problemi si sono associati con manufacturing e vendere le nostre leghe fuori degli Stati Uniti; ed altri rischi ed incertezze discussi in limature fatte con la Commissione di scambio e di sicurezze (rischi compresi descritti nei rapporti successivi sulla forma 10-Q, sulla forma 10-K, sulla forma 8-K e su altre limature). Le tecnologie di Liquidmetal smentisce tutta l'intenzione o obbligo di aggiornare o modificare qualunque dichiarazione di andata-osservanti, se come conseguenza di nuove informazioni, eventi futuri, o al contrario.