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A Novel Method to Enable Laser Welding of Liquid Crystal Polymer Metal Laser Mask Technique

A novel laser welding technique of opaque glass-reinforced liquid crystal polymer (LCP) is described,
studied, and validated. Two barriers of laser welding of opaque LCP, carbonization and uneven laser
energy distribution, are overcome through a metal mask, which is employed to block the central
portion of laser beam and transfer the absorption energy to conduction heat. As a result, the welding
depth and thus bonding strength are enhanced significantly. The assembly configuration, pull force,
weld depth, and cross-section of welding area, are presented in this paper. The function of laser mask
in laser welding is theoretically analyzed and experimentally proven.
Mvis Inside Intersil

Automotive Head-up Display (HUD)
Head-up displays (HUDs) are the latest innovation in advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). A vehicle’s HUD keeps drivers focused on the road, safely providing speed, warning signals and other vital vehicle and navigation information on the windshield directly in the driver’s line of sight. Intersil's high performing laser diode drivers enable head-up displays (HUDs) with high resolution, high color-depth and high frame-rate projections.

Apple Granted 56 Patents Today Covering an Edge-to-Edge iPhone Display, Touch ID under the Display & 3D Scanner

" ... wherein the scanner is a micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) device and comprises: a substrate, which comprises a micromirror and a support, along with spindles connecting the micromirror to the support along a first axis, while the support is configured to rotate about a second axis; and an electromagnetic drive, which causes the micromirror and the support to rotate about the first and second axes, wherein the electromagnetic drive causes the micromirror to rotate about the first axis at a first frequency, which is a resonant frequency of rotation, while causing the support to rotate about the second axis at a second frequency, which is lower than the first frequency, wherein the transmitter is configured to direct the beam to reflect from the micromirror toward the scene; a receiver, which is configured to receive the light reflected from the scene and to generate an output indicative of a time of flight of the pulses to and from points in the scene; and a processor, which is coupled to control the scanner so as to cause the beam to scan over a selected window within the scan range and to process the output of the receiver so as to generate a 3D map of a part of the scene that is within the selected window. ..."
questa vi svuota il portafoglio :D:D:D
mangime per pollame.

questa vi svuota il portafoglio :D:D:D

La vostra reputazione precede i vostri "commenti illuminati".
Ma siete anche quotati !! Sicuramente per commentare la saggezza del vostro apporto alle discussioni.
Continuate così, molti investitori inesperti hanno necessità di essere salvati dalle vostre approfondite analisi di mercato.
Un sincero ringraziamento :bow:
Valutazione completa del telefono di proiezione Qualper Gen 2: questa volta il cinema può tornare a casa
2017/05/18 14:10:07

La traduzione in italiano è pessima, un po' meno quella in inglese:

"As a global leader in MEMS micro-laser projection technology, the whole photoelectric extension of the terminal products will reach the field of mobile phones, creating a "anytime, anywhere big screen" a new life experience. The company's technology research and development and product development began in 2009, through the United States Micro-Vision (Microvision LLC) formed a strategic partnership, the whole photoelectric MEMS micro-laser display system technology to further enhance. 2011 resolution of 600x480 MEMS micro-laser projection module developed successfully, after 2013, the output resolution increased to 960x640 and 1920x720.2017 pairs of MEMS has reached 60 lumens, can fully meet the daily projection needs. The upcoming push of the whole phone, integrated second-generation MEMS laser projection, 4 hours of continuous and low heat experience, no focus, ultra-high clarity. Get rid of wire bound, outdoor, tea room, living room, bedroom ... ... anytime, anywhere into a giant theater. The couple express their feelings, sales quickly and easily, loved ones share odd music infinite, even the "old driver" level of mobile phone players, for the "full photoelectric" I am afraid all know very well."




La vostra reputazione precede i vostri "commenti illuminati".
Ma siete anche quotati !! Sicuramente per commentare la saggezza del vostro apporto alle discussioni.
Continuate così, molti investitori inesperti hanno necessità di essere salvati dalle vostre approfondite analisi di mercato.
Un sincero ringraziamento :bow:

dai pumper specialmente.
dai pumper specialmente.

Forse hai sbagliato termine, quelli come te si dicono "basher".
Se ti leggi bene il thread io mi limito a postare notizie sul titolo, belle o brutte che siano.
Credo nella tecnologia e ho molte perplessità sul management.
Grazie ancora comunque ;)
il titolo è in discesa come facile capire già solo guardando il grafico. e la proiezione è quella data.
chi sostiene un titolo in discesa fa dà pumper.
05-19-2017 11:35 AM CET

Automotive Head-up Display Market is Expected to Gain Popularity Across the Globe

Press release from: Persistence Market Research

" Automotive Head-Up Display Market – Major Players:

Some of the major players identified across the globe in the automotive head-up display market are BMW AG, Continental AG, Denso Corporation, Delphi Automotive PLC, Microvision Inc., Nippon Seiki Co., Ltd, Panasonic Corporation, Robert Bosch GmbH, Visteon corporation and Yazaki Corporation. .. "

Waymo drops three patent claims in Uber battle
Notizia del 03/05/2017 14:02:42 Fonte: Jinan Volte (Jinan)
(postata ieri nel blog di Peter)

Telefono con proiezione laser sarà prodotto a Jinan High-Tech Zone

" ... It is understood that Rui Jiake will invest in the industrial park to build 50,000 square meters of intelligent manufacturing base, the construction of smart phones and related intelligent products production line, as the Northern District production center and research and development centers, responsible for the Group's existing ODM products and The brand "green orange" and "VOGA" products to expand production capacity, responsible for the newly developed laser projection phone, intelligent wear and other intelligent hardware production, the annual production capacity of up to 600 million units. ..."
Futuremobile: Who will prevail in the battle over the “eyes?”

" ... The competition for Velodyne isn’t just from startups. MicroVision, for example, is turning its microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) expertise toward LiDAR. See a demonstration on YouTube. One of the engineers at Velodyne, Kevin Watson, actually left the company to join MicroVision to develop what he calls, “…that Holy Grail of a sensor.” Also, Continental AG is getting to launch hi-res Flash LiDAR technology that relies upon a single pulse to acquire an image. ... "

Qualper - Company Visit and Interview Video!actRegInit.action?activityNo=1492164048566&rc=

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