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questa azione
é stata scoperta da poco nei forum americani,
non é ancora esplosa come USGA.OB...... !!

Cosa ne pensate ...e cosa ne pensa Altolivello ?

puo' ispirarvi ad entrare anche con poco,
visto l'aumento dei volumi
ed il prezzo cosi' basso ?
ci sono anche un pò di link

PRESS RELEASE: NanoSignal Corp. -- Formerly MicroSignal -- Announces Purchase Ag [DDCSQTM]

LAS VEGAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 13, 2004--NanoSignal Corp. (OTCBB:NNOS)
announced today that it has entered into an agreement with Energy Ventures
Organization ( http://www.EnergyVentures.org ) for Ballard Power Systems
AirGen(TM) fuel cell generator units, through the Fuel Cell Store (
http://FuelCellStore.com ) of Boulder, CO.
The terms of the agreement were finalized on December 19, 2003, with beta
testing of SLICES(TM) beginning this month, January 2004. The agreement for the
Ballard AirGen(TM) fuel cell generator units through Energy Ventures
Organization (http://www.EnergyVentures.org) and the Fuel Cell Store
(http://FuelCellStore.com) will provide initial AirGen(TM) fuel cell generator
units. The AirGen(TM) fuel cell generators will be included in the initial beta
testing at four MRI sites currently operated by Desert Radiology in Las Vegas.
The initial units will be evaluated by NanoSignal Corporation (NNOS) R&D
division for 45 days. Upon the determination that this unit meets the
requirements it will be packaged with NanoSignal Corporation's MRI SLICES(TM)
products. NanoSignal Corporation will include the Ballard AirGen(TM) fuel cell
generators at no extra cost with each SLICES(TM) unit. Upon the determination
that this unit meets the requirements, NanoSignal Corporation (NNOS) will
purchase additional AirGen(TM) fuel cell generator units. Further information
regarding the Ballard AirGen(TM) fuel cell generator can be seen at the Fuel
Cell Store (http://FuelCellStore.com).
The AirGen(TM) fuel cell generator is a fuel-cell based portable power supply
designed for intermittent use in medical, home and office environments. It is
capable of delivering up to 1 kW of 120 VAC (alternating current) electrical
power. The AirGen(TM) fuel cell generator provides continuous pure electricity
by filtering the line power to insulate sensitive electronics from voltage jolts
and brownouts. It also will act as an uninterruptible power supply (UPS),
providing immediate backup power to SLICES(TM) when there is a line outage.
At the heart of the AirGen(TM) fuel cell generator is a Ballard(TM) fuel cell
that combines oxygen from ambient air and hydrogen to generate electrical power.
Alternatively, hydrogen can be supplied from an optional source such as a high
pressure cylinder. The fuel cell process does not involve combustion and is a
zero emissions product. Water vapor and heat are released as by-products. The
fuel cell can operate continuously as long as hydrogen is supplied. The
AirGen(TM) fuel cell generator also includes batteries, which provide instant
power while the fuel cell is starting up. The batteries are recharged by the
fuel cell when it is running or by the line power when it is available. The
batteries also provide overload capability for supporting brief power surges.
MRI clinics, hospitals and radiology practice groups interested in beta
testing SLICES(TM) should contact Sherry Yavelak by email at
info@nanosignalcorp.com or calling 724-746-9476 to discuss becoming a select
beta testing licensee. The terms of the SLICES(TM) Beta Testing Agreement may be
viewed online at the company's website www.nanosignalcorp.com or may be emailed
to interested parties by contacting Ms. Yavelak. Enrollment in the beta testing
protocol is limited with qualified candidates to be selected based upon market
presence, geographic diversity, commitment to community and other factors.
grazie tremau

ti allego questo per aiutarti a capirne di piu',
prima il ticker era MSGL :

November 10, 2003 - NanoSignal CORP. (OTCBB:MSGL) announced that effective Monday, November 10, 2003 its Board of Directors has approved a name change to "NANOSIGNAL CORPORATION." The new name reflects the growing scientific initiative into "nanotechnology" and "nanomedicine." The Company will be filing for a new CUSIP number and trading symbol. The Company believes that the name change represents a growing worldwide interest in nanotechnology and nanomedicine.

Wayne Norris, President, stated, "as a small company we need to chart a critical path towards what I like to call 'hot science.' With the new version of SLICES(TM) ready to deploy, we need to have a vision of where to go in terms of both the market place and science -- not just the science of today but of tomorrow. Further, in terms of medical diagnosis, we need to think about forging the new 'nanotools' of the 21st Century which will give the radiologist and technician better information on the cellular level. Better imagery through the use of SLICES(TM) is only the first step in realizing our vision.

"Everyone knows about the dramatic development of the computer from the 1950's to today's models. The same quantum leap in development needs to take place in the MRI industry that has relied upon more powerful magnets for image enhancement rather than science. We intend to change all of that with SLICES and with the new 'nanotools' of medicine that we plan on developing. We believe that the next generation of SLICES(TM) will help scientists to exhaustively inventory cells, cell parts and molecules within cell parts."
giaa tradata 5 volte,,,,,con gain di tutto rispetto,,,,

quindi la conosco molto bene,,,,,

entrato gia' quando era a 4 cent,,,,uscito a 20,,

rientrato a 7 uscito a 15 ,,,insomma varie volte,,,,

il titolo e' ottimo,,,,ma secondo me non prpoprio maturo,,,

questo fu il mio ragionamento e per questo lo scalpai varie volte,,,

ma forse e' tempo da iniziare a considerare di tenerlo per il long,,,,,
grazie alto, grande...

lo immaginavo che l'avevi già avuta nel mirino.... ;-))))

non posso mai darti delle anteprima........

sto cercando di capire se il trend potrà essere quello di USGA.OB...

i volumi sono interessantissimi...
ma la mia paura é che se cade l'interesse su questo titolo
...non sarà piu' liquido....

ti piace il businnes che fanno.... é vera nanotecnologia... ?

....se lo fosse...nel loro settore potrebbero essere i primi e i leader... !
in verita' sono stato un po' freddto da un'articolo,,,adesso non ricordo il nome,,,che un trget price per l'allora msgl,,di 8 cent,,

non ho dato moolta importanza a quest'articolo,,ma in parte mi ha influenzato,,,

ecco perche' ho scalpato varie volte,,,,e poi in effetti si e' mostrato un'ottimo tteggiamento,,,,fortunatmente per me,,,,

un articolo tempo fa ti ha raffreddato
...questa analisi del 22/12/04 forse ti riaccenderà
a tradarla di nuovo:


Innovative, Patented Imaging Processing Hardware & Software Technology

Allows Radiologists and MRI technologists To Perform Advanced Imaging

NanoSignal Corporation ("NanoSignal" or the "Company"), designs, develops and markets proprietary technology hardware and software products for use by healthcare professionals in magnetic resonance imaging ("MRI").

The worldwide installed base of MRI systems exceeds 10,000 and there is a demand for improved image quality and reduced patient scan time. With FDA 501K clearance in hand, the Company’s SLICES™ software technology appears to satisfy a market that could be estimated to exceed $1.5 billion.

NanoSignal appears to be positioned to benefit from the need to keep healthcare costs down while improving quality of service. Recent changes in medical reimbursement have slowed the sale of new MRI systems, and thus the need to improve image quality from the existing installed systems has accelerated as the cost effective way to get the job done.

The Company recently won "overhanging" litigation relating to the clear ownership of its base technology. Following extended legal action, the Company has successfully defended its claims as to 100% ownership and patent rights to its SLICES™ technology. This win is considered crucial to the going-forward progress of the Company.

The Company is in transition from a development stage company and anticipates profitability in 2004. Management is focused on implementation of the Company’s market introduction and rollout of its patented MRI image enhancement technology.

Our price target for NanoSignal stock, based on a number of assumptions and considerations outlined in this report, exceeds $1 per share. This target hinges on NanoSignal's ability to execute on its business strategy and for the healthcare market to embrace the Company’s technology as anticipated.

ragazzi vale ancora la pena mettere una piccola somma su questo titolo???