O'Neill confessa candidamente di aver sistemato partite in Italia e altro ...

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Former Juventus star happily admits match-fixing | Pitchside Europe - Yahoo! Eurosport UK

"I fixed games myself in Italy," O’Neill told Montevideo.com.uy and calcionews24.
"Against Chievo Verona we (Chievo and his Cagliari side) would have been safe from relegation with a draw, and the clubs would pay us a $60,000 bonus each.
"I went to speak to their captain and we all placed bets on a draw.
"In the 87th minute one of our players scored and we went 2-1 up, a shot from 40 metres that went into the top corner. That wasn't supposed to happen!
"So I shouted at Diego Lopez: 'Concede a goal or they’re going to kill us.' Diego lost possession and they scored the 2-2 final result.
"It wasn't the only time, as I did it with Perugia too, as I was captain and we all placed bets."
The 2-2 draw with Chievo was on June 14 1998 and his then team-mate Diego Lopez is currently co-coach of Cagliari.
O'Neill was always a controversial character and also confessed to repeatedly punching Gattuso during a match against Milan.
"Gattuso had a reputation for provoking the South American players, so I promised I'd punch him.
"During a close tussle I smacked him and hoped I'd receive one back. He looked like he wanted to kill me. We continued with threats - all in Italian - and I punched him again."
In questi cinque anni non credo sia mai stata aperta alcuna indagine
Cagliari-Chievo 2-2

Cagliari-Perugia 2-2

Veri figli di buona donna a fare il nome della Juve quando non c'entra un tubazzo :mad: