100 MILLION $ IP INVESTMENT : Spectra Science may be worth more than you think..

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Has everyone researched the history of spectrascience?

I wont go into it too deep because its all free information, quickly found online, but one very important part of SCIEs history is from 2007 when SCIE acquired all of the shares of Luma Imaging Corporation. Sure, the majority of us know of, or at least heard of Luma, but do you know what it was SCIE actually acquired?

Back in 2007, SCIE acquired all inventory and intellectual property of Luma. Why does this matter today? I mean, its been 9 years.. isn't this 'old' news. It is old in the sense that it happened a while back, but what many investors may not know is that SCIE purchased Luma's assets for $5 million in restricted common stock.

And why does this matter? Because, although SCIE purchased the assets of LUMA for $5 million dollars, prior to the acquisition, LUMA invested almost $100 MILLION dollars in creating their technology. Which means, Spectrascience's business valuation may include LUMA's tech worth almost $100 million dollars.

Why does this matter? Because looking at SCIE from an asset based valuation, you probably would have to consider the cost it originally required to create LUMA's technology. In other words, if you (the reader) were to set out with a goal of recreating a cloned company called 'Spectrascience2', you would need to figure out SCIE's net asset value (total assets minus total liabilities). In other words, how much would it cost you to recreate your own Spectrascience. But in doing so, you would need to take into consideration the $100 million dollars spent to create LUMA 's technology.

We could try to put a valuation on SCIE through a market approach, but we'd have to find similar companies with similar technology. And although SCIE has many competitors, SCIE holds the patents to the WavSTAT4 tech.

So to sum up, a little known fact is that the technology behind Spectrascience was not created in a garage, made with spare parts and costing around $75. LUMA invested almost $100 MILLION dollars and now, Spectrascience holds it all; and acquired it for around 5% of the actual cost. When the time comes, and when sales begin, I believe this will play a key role in deciding the true business valuation of Spectrascience.

You may be wondering how SCIE obtained $100 million dollars worth of tech for only $5 million. This is where your DD would come in to play. SCIE got LUMA's tech so inexpensively because one of LUMAs major corporate investors exited the venture funding business, making the cost decrease immensely.

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DoctorKen Friday, 03/11/16 03:02:07 PM
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First time poster, but I’ve been following SCIE and this board for several months now. I’ve found a lot of useful information here, so I decided to pay it forward and offer my own perspective.

First, as a physician, I can tell you the WavStat product is the real deal - literally a game changer in the medical industry. The potential applications go far beyond diagnosing colorectal cancer. Our recent acquisition of Oncoscope now adds the capability to diagnosis Barret’s Esophagus (precancerous), and with further development I can easily see this same technology being used to diagnose cancers of the skin, cervix, bladder, and more. And the WavStat technology works! I’ve reviewed the clinical studies with a skeptical eye and the evidence is there to back it up. I’ve shown this to other physicians, including Gastroenterologists, who are excited to add it to their practice. Many have invested in SCIE themselves. This product will save time and money, reduce complications from physical biopsies, and ultimately save lives. I believe within 2-3 years this will be the standard of care for colonoscopies and beyond.

Secondly, as an investor, I’m into this for 15,000,000 at an average price of 0.002. I’m adding more at these levels. I love a quick profit as much as anyone, but please don’t be tempted to flip at these levels. SCIE is a real gem. It’s not often you find a company with a working, high-value product – in a multibillion dollar industry – for less than a penny. In my opinion, their 33 patents alone should give SCIE a PPS of 0.04-0.05, even fully diluted. I for one am holding long for a potential buyout in the $500M to $1B range. Do the math. It’s going to be a fun ride.