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Ed ecco il link alle quotazioni dell'ETF sul Silver (ticker SLV)... già sopra 1,40 (va moltiplicato x 10 x avere il prezzo del Silver)... geniale la mossa di Barclays.. guadagnano già pacchi di soldi con le once già in cassa...

ETFs find a silver lining
Grey metal is golden as long-awaited fund makes impressive debut

By John Spence, MarketWatch
Last Update: 5:02 PM ET Apr 28, 2006

BOSTON (MarketWatch) - Shares of a highly anticipated silver exchange-traded fund rose as much as 8% in their first day of trading Friday as investors embraced a new way to capitalize on increasing global demand for the grey metal.

The new ETF, dubbed iShares Silver Trust (SLV ) , finished the session up $9.12, or 7.1%, to $138.12 in active trading on the American Stock Exchange of more than 2.3 million shares.

The Silver Trust, sponsored by ETF giant Barclays Global Investors, has been in the works for more than a year. The unit of British bank Barclays Plc (UK:BARC) launched the ETF after depositing 1.5 million ounces of silver in the trust, which charges investors a sponsor fee of 0.5% of assets.

Speculation on the silver ETF's imminent launch has been pushing up silver prices, which earlier this month hit multi-decade highs. The ETF, which for the first time allows individual investors to invest in silver without holding the metal or tapping futures markets, could bolster demand for the metal.
"The silver ETF will revolutionize the ease of ownership of the grey metal for both institutions and individuals globally, fueling very good times for the long-depressed precious metal," said Texas Hedge Report, a market newsletter.

ETFs are baskets of securities that trade on exchanges like stocks, so investors can go short as well as long, and must pay broker commissions to buy and sell. Shares of the silver ETF represent 10 ounces of the metal held in a vault. Bank of New York (BK) is the trustee and J.P. Morgan Chase Bank (JPM ) in London is the custodian. Two existing gold ETFs, StreetTracks Gold Trust (GLD) and iShares Comex Gold Trust (IAU) , have been popular with investors.

The first mover, StreetTracks Gold Trust, has gathered about $6.5 billion since its November 2004 inception in one of the more successful fund launches in recent memory.

The silver ETF has taken several twists and turns before it was finally approved by regulators.

The Silver Users Association, a nonprofit lobby group interested in keeping an orderly silver market, had led the opposition to the silver ETF. The group alleged the trust would take a large amount of silver off the market and push up prices, which would hurt firms that use the metal for business or industrial purposes and result in layoffs.

However, after a public comment period, the SEC said the silver ETF would increase the efficiency and transparency of the silver market, and that it would not spark liquidity problems.

Some traders are expecting the ETF may usher in a new bull market for silver if it attracts money from individuals, advisers, institutions and hedge funds looking for a convenient way to get exposure to the precious metal.
If the silver ETF experiences demand similar to the gold ETFs, it may end up accumulating roughly 97 million ounces, which represents more than 15% of known silver inventories, making a tight market even tighter, the newsletter added.

However, if history is any guide, the trend with gold ETFs introduced around the globe has been a run-up in the weeks up to the launch with a pullback in the weeks after the start of trading. See earlier story.

Judging by investor confusion over the tax issues with the existing gold ETFs, it should be noted silver, like gold, is classified as a "collectible" by the IRS -- if held for more than one year, gains are taxed at a 28% rate, compared with the 15% rate applicable to most other long-term capital gains.
Primo giorno di quotazione della "casa" dell'argento... evento di portata a mio avviso storica...


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For those of you who do not follow Ted Butler, he is one of the formost authorites on the silver market today. His calls have been right on the money so far.


The Coming Silver Accident
Theodore Butler

Perhaps "accident" may not be the precise word to describe what I see coming in silver. After all, Webster’s defines accident as "an unforeseen and unplanned event or circumstance." While that definition certainly encompasses what I see ahead in the silver market, I need to add a qualifying adjective to complete my vision. That word is unavoidable. The silver market is headed towards an unavoidable accident.

This will not be like any accident you have ever witnessed or experienced. This is an accident you can fully prepare for, and greatly profit from. This coming silver accident could favorable and permanently alter your family’s standard of living and financial security. The great news is that preparations for this accident are simple and merely depend upon you applying common sense.

At the core of what makes the coming silver accident unavoidable is the immutable law of supply and demand. Supply and demand ultimately governs how all markets function. While some markets, including silver, can be artificially controlled or manipulated in price for long periods of time, eventually such manipulations must end if they are at odds with supply and demand.

Nothing has been more at odds with the basic law of supply and demand than the silver market. For many decades, the world has consumed more silver than it has produced. That has necessitated a draw down of previously produced silver - the existing inventories. There has never been a situation in any commodity where such conditions have failed to cause a dramatic price increase. While supply and demand mandate a sharp price increase, it has not yet come. That’s the groundwork for the coming silver accident. When it comes, the price will explode upward and reach levels that are talked about for decades to come.

The primary factors mandating a silver accident are excessive naked short selling and leasing. Silver has the largest short position that’s ever existed in anything. This is the key component to the coming silver accident. The total naked short position in silver measures into the billions of ounces and towers over real world supplies. This combined short position includes the COMEX, all other exchanges, forward selling and leasing, the cumulative issuance of unbacked silver bank certificates, unallocated storage programs and pool accounts. No other commodity has such a huge naked short position.

It is, basically, this bloated short position that’s at the heart of the coming silver accident. It is this same excessive short position that guarantees a financial windfall for your family. A naked short sale is the sale of something you don’t own. While common in financial markets, more than 99% of the world’s population will never sell short anything in their lifetimes. That’s because it’s an unusual and unnatural financial transaction.

Unbridled short selling can artificially depress the price. That is why we have restrictions on short selling that date back to the great stock market crash of 1929. In commodities, there must be a short for every long on every futures contract. Regulations are supposed to preclude excessive long and short speculation via speculative position limits, but these regulations have been abandoned in COMEX silver, despite the efforts of many of us to correct that.


see the entire article at


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Gold climbs to new 25-year high on Iran, dollar

TOKYO (Reuters) - Gold rallied more than 1 percent to a fresh 25-year high on Monday from the previous session in New York as mounting tension over Iran's nuclear program and a weaker dollar spurred buying from short-term funds.

Sentiment was bullish as near-record prices for oil and base metals, along with a sharp fall in the dollar in the currency market, fueled aggressive investor buying in gold.

"Gold is in a strong uptrend. The biggest factor now is growing geopolitical tensions because of Iran," said Shuji Sugata, assistant manager at Mitsubishi Corp Futures and Securities Ltd.

"It's important that gold broke through $650, but the rise was a bit too quick," Sugata said.

Spot gold rallied as far as $661.10 per ounce on Monday, surpassing the previous 25-year high of $655.30 reached in New York on Friday.

As of 0547 GMT, spot gold was trading at $660.50/661.50, up more than 1 percent from $651.80/652.80 in New York on Friday.

Precious metals markets jumped on Monday, even though markets in Singapore and Hong Kong are closed and those in London and many other European countries will also be closed for a national holiday.

Geopolitical tensions are growing after the International Atomic Energy Agency reported Iran had ignored a call to halt nuclear activities and accelerated its uranium enrichment program.

U.N. ambassadors from the United States, Britain and France are expected to introduce a resolution this week to legally oblige Iran to comply with the council's demands.

Gold was supported by a weaker dollar on Monday, which dropped to a seven-month low against the yen and hovered near a one-year low against the euro (EUR=).

A weak dollar makes gold cheaper for holders of other currencies and boosts demand.

"Gold has already gained strong interest as inflationary fears have been growing. The growing tension over Iran is drawing additional buying interest," said Takashi Ogura, a manager at Kanetsu Asset Management.

"Short-term players and speculators are very aggressive, which should keep gold prices very solid."

Tokyo Commodity Exchange gold futures rose more than 2 percent, but the strength of the yen slowed their gains. A stronger yen effectively lowers the value of yen-based gold.

The benchmark April 2007 TOCOM gold contract rose briefly by its daily 60-yen limit, or 2.52 percent, to 2,439 yen per gram. At 0608 GMT, it was up 58 yen at 2,437 yen.

"Tokyo gold prices are slightly underperforming due to a higher yen, but they will follow the overall strength in dollar-based prices," Mitsubishi's Sugata said.

Silver was trading at $13.95/14.15 per ounce, up from $13.60/13.70 in New York on Friday.

Barclays Global Investors' new exchange traded fund, called iShares Silver Trust (AMEX:SLV - News), began trading on the American Stock Exchange on Friday under the symbol SLV.

Platinum edged up to $1,160/1,170 an ounce, compared with $1,152/1,156 in New York.

Palladium was little changed at $370/380 an ounce against $370/375 in New York.
Veramente professionali....


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Li voglio vedere shortare questo ETF... diventerà il riferimento per il prezzo dell'argento... basta con il prezzo SPOT....
Giornata tutto sommato tranquilla quella di oggi x il Silver... ora di nuovo sotto i 14...
scozia ha scritto:
per worldlove l'etf silver è quotato in italia è armonizzato

Grazie Scozia ottima cosa questa da sapere... !

Silver 13.92 14.02
WorldLove ha scritto:
Veramente professionali....

Sottoscrivo in pieno; fatta richiesta per alcuni titoli nella tarda mattinata, mi ricollego poco fa, ed erano già pronti. :)
Silver ottimo 14.20 14.30... ulteriore mancata produzione da miniere sud america in vista...
Silver 14.29 14.39
Il gran trambusto Boliviano aiuta il Silver... la nazionaliazzazione potrebbe fermare o quanto meno rendere meno efficente lo sfruttamento dei due attualmente maggiori depositi di Silver in sviluppo... quello di CDE e quello di SIL....

Tutto fa brodo.
per wordlove anche apex è andato giu' ma d i brutto brutto il danno è stato scatenato dalla bolivia che ha deciso di nazionalizzare le miniere di argento e oro seguendo l'esempio di chavez (venezuela ),con questi colpi di testa le analisi vanno a farsi benedire teniamoci in contatto (ho perso una battaglia ma insieme possiamo vincere la guerra )rispondi
Parlando genericamente :se calano sono da comprare , in quanto sarà ancora più difficile raggiungere i traguardi di produzione .Tutto questo casino in sudamerica corrisponde a quello petrolifero in medioriente , scarsità di offerta e aumento di prezzi
ieri la coeur è arrivata a perder il 20% il gioco è troppo rischioso la situazione in america latina è troppo incerta ,bisogna puntare su titoli che non sono presenti in america latina ,ma quali?
ieri sul thread CDE , WorldLove ne aveva elencati alcuni.
Ieri però c'è stata una mini-speculazione sull'annuncio prima della nazionalizzazione , poi con rettifica del solo aumento di tasse per le aziende minerarie .Al momento le azioni dell'argento sono in netta divergenza col metallo, che è salito molto più delle azioni ; il chè è abbastanza strano dato che le azioni normalmente hanno un effetto leva indipendentemente dai fondamentali .Per esempio PAAS quotava ieri , con l'argento a 14,4 ,come a febbraio quando l'argento era a 9,5.
Non ho ancora capito se ha ragione l'argento o le azioni