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miris,,puo essere ottima per un bel rimbalzo area 2,9,,,per una ripartenza non credo,,,,,,,

tu cosa dici miris?????,
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è un adr,,e poi segue la fiat,,casa madre,,lascio perdere

DAi te ne due di buone veramente

frm buoni fondamentali grafico impostato molto bene
dagm ottimi fondamentali,bel grafico ma scambia poco,pero sembra davvero molto buona
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DAi te ne due di buone veramente

frm buoni fondamentali grafico impostato molto bene
dagm ottimi fondamentali,bel grafico ma scambia poco,pero sembra davvero molto buona

LAscia perdere frm e' investigata per inregolarita contabili,ecco perche quotava cosi a sconto:mad:
SAVVIS Expands Latin American Presence Via Agreement With Telefonica
Wednesday March 10, 7:55 am ET
SAVVIS Now Offers Intelligent IP Services In Eight Latin American Nations and Puerto Rico

ST. LOUIS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 10, 2004--SAVVIS Communications Corp. (NASDAQ:SVVS - News), a leading global managed IP and managed hosting services provider, today announced an agreement with Telefonica USA, a subsidiary of global telecommunications leader Telefonica S.A. (NYSE:TEF - News). The agreement enables SAVVIS to expand its presence in eight Latin American nations, including more than 40 major cities, as well as Puerto Rico.

Under the terms of the deal, Telefonica USA will link SAVVIS' Miami-based network hub with its Latin American network enabling SAVVIS to offer its industry-leading Intelligent IP Networking(SM) and managed hosting services in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru and Puerto Rico, and to expand its current customers' ability to connect directly with those regions.

"Telefonica is committed to providing multi-national companies with access to the Latin American region, and this agreement is an example of just that as SAVVIS seeks to become a major player in the region," said Anthony de Lima, executive vice-president of Telefonica USA. "Enabling SAVVIS to expand its physical infrastructure will bring added value to customers in Latin America, and will without a doubt increase opportunities for both companies."

"Interconnecting with the Telefonica network enables SAVVIS to significantly expand delivery of managed IP VPN services to and from the Latin American market and will play an important role as we continue to diversify our revenue base," said Jack Finlayson, president and chief operating officer of SAVVIS. "In addition, the deal will result in corporate users in Latin America having access to advanced services beyond the point-to-point, frame relay connections and public


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chi la conosce oggi sembra voler ripartire dategli una vista
volevo sapere se siete dentro e i livelli operativi dato che la conoscete



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Egenera, Inkra and 3PAR Power SAVVIS Virtualized Services Delivery Platform
Business Wire - April 05, 2004 07:50

MARLBORO, Mass. & FREMONT, Calif., Apr 5, 2004 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- -- Combined Solution Creates Utility Computing Environment --

Egenera Inc., Inkra Networks Corporation and 3PARdata Inc. have announced that SAVVIS Communications (NASDAQ: SVVS), a global managed services provider, has chosen their solutions to comprise the infrastructure for SAVVIS' virtualized services delivery platform. The SAVVIS deployment marks a totally virtualized utility computing environment, made possible through the unique technologies of these three suppliers.

"Our new utility computing platform is a key differentiator for SAVVIS, enhancing our competitive advantage in the market for hosting, network and application services," said Rob McCormick, SAVVIS chairman and chief executive officer. "Needless to say, SAVVIS evaluated multiple technologies for this mission-critical business asset. We found that in server, network and storage virtualization respectively, Egenera, Inkra and 3PAR are leading the industry with proven products. Through their combined solution, SAVVIS can provide its customers with the most comprehensive set of managed utility services available to date, along with unprecedented cost savings, security and agility."

SAVVIS is the first company to integrate networking, hosting, storage and computing into one virtualized platform. Unlike the traditional service provider model, which forces users to pay for excess capacity, the utility provider approach allows SAVVIS to charge customers only for the resources they use. This is made possible by routinely optimizing the resources allocated to each client based on utilization. For even greater savings and efficiencies, the solutions provided by Egenera, Inkra and 3PAR automate this process, setting the standard for today's utility computing.

"Enterprises that outsource their complex hosting needs typically purchase capacity far in excess of their normal requirements," said Lydia Leong, principal analyst Gartner Research Group. "A capacity-on-demand model that encompasses hosting can result in significant cost savings to both the customer and the service provider, and increases both agility and the consistency of service delivery."

Egenera BladeFrame Virtualizes the Datacenter

The unique architecture of the Egenera(TM) BladeFrame(R) system virtualizes datacenter infrastructure by creating a pool of server resources from which private, secured configurations can be dynamically allocated to support an application and then disbanded if necessary. With this approach, server capacity no longer must be dedicated to individual applications, and services are not tied to specific hardware or network paths. As a result, SAVVIS clients pay only for the resources they utilize and have access to powerful features such as high availability, disaster recovery and real-time scalability without the expensive over-provisioning required by legacy systems.

"We are pleased to welcome SAVVIS as an Egenera customer," said Bob Dutkowsky, Egenera chairman, president and CEO. "Since its introduction in the fall of 2001, the Egenera BladeFrame system has been installed by marquee enterprises worldwide, including industry leaders in financial services, government, telecommunications, the Internet and healthcare. These companies have dramatically lowered datacenter total cost of ownership while quantifiably improving IT responsiveness to the business, resulting in sustainable competitive advantage. We believe that, as one of the world's largest providers of hosting services, SAVVIS can deliver the benefits of utility computing to organizations around the globe."

Inkra's Virtual Network Infrastructure Simplifies Network Management

Inkra Networks Virtual Service Switches consolidate, virtualize and automate the delivery of networking and security services, including firewall, VPN, load balancing and more. By leveraging virtualized networking services from Inkra, SAVVIS has been able to reduce its infrastructure equipment and operations costs by 50 percent.

Virtualization brings automation and efficiency to managed service delivery, allowing customers like SAVVIS to quickly provision new services in a matter of hours, rather than days or weeks. As an Inkra customer for more than two years, SAVVIS has now deployed Inkra 4000 Virtual Service Switches in five datacenters worldwide. Currently, over 200 SAVVIS managed hosting customers receive dedicated virtual firewall and load balancing services delivered by Inkra Virtual Service Switches.

"Inkra has been proud to provide virtualized network services to SAVVIS these past two years, and to see SAVVIS bring our technology together with other forward-thinking companies to make the idea of a new, virtualized datacenter a reality," said Dave Roberts, vice president, strategy and co-founder, Inkra Networks. "Inkra's virtualized network infrastructure provides the virtualization, consolidation and automation necessary to simplify the management of today's increasingly complex datacenters. Through SAVVIS, Inkra's Virtual Service Switches will play a key role in making true utility computing services available today."

3PAR: the Storage Cornerstone for Utility Computing

SAVVIS is one of dozens of enterprises that have selected 3PAR Utility Storage as the right choice for their utility computing deployments. The 3PAR InServ(TM) Storage System is the storage cornerstone of the SAVVIS virtualized IT services delivery platform. 3PAR Utility Storage is a broadly scalable, highly functional, virtualized disk array that significantly simplifies storage architectures. 3PAR customers are able to cut storage acquisition costs in half, while driving down administrative overhead by up to 90 percent. Internal and external service providers are able to consolidate and scale multiple applications on a single, easily managed storage utility with customized service levels for each application or user group.

"SAVVIS and others are adopting the utility model because they need to reduce the cost of IT and deliver excellent service," said David Scott, president and CEO of 3PAR. "With 3PAR, SAVVIS has chosen the only storage solution capable of meeting the real-time challenges of delivering comprehensive managed services."

Editors Note: For additional information, please see the release, "SAVVIS Launches Virtualized Services Delivery Platform," distributed earlier today via Business Wire.

About Egenera, Inc.

Egenera's breakthrough virtualization technology optimizes the use of network, compute and storage resources to enable the next-generation utility datacenter. The Company's Egenera BladeFrame system leads the industry in both blade server technology and virtualization software by enabling datacenters to run any application, on any resource, at any time, automatically. Today, the BladeFrame solution is installed at marquee customers worldwide, including America Online, Cambridge Health Alliance, Credit Suisse First Boston, Emory Healthcare, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, MChex, SAVVIS Communications, UFJ Group and others. A world-class service and support organization ensures customer satisfaction. Moreover, the Company has assembled a senior management team and engineering staff with an average 20-plus years' experience. Cooperative business alliances with Microsoft, Intel, BEA Systems, EMC, Itochu Techno-Science Corporation (CTC), Oracle, Red Hat and Veritas, among others, further strengthen the value proposition. Headquartered in Marlboro, Mass., Egenera has offices in Atlanta, Chicago, Hong Kong, Kansas City, London, New York City, San Francisco, Shanghai, Tokyo and Washington D.C. For details, visit, send email to or call 508-858-2600.

About Inkra Networks

Inkra Networks is the premier provider of dynamic layered security systems that simplify infrastructure management and minimize operations costs. Inkra's Virtual Service Switch consolidates and virtualizes multiple security functions--such as firewall, VPN, intrusion prevention, SSL and load balancing--into a single device that delivers the same performance and integrity as tens to hundreds of separate appliances. Today, leading enterprises and service providers are using the Virtual Service Switch to deploy, adapt and grow security infrastructure as needed in real time, with far less budget, time and effort than using static appliances.

About 3PAR

3PAR is the leading provider of Utility Storage, a category of enterprise storage arrays that offers a highly scalable, efficient, and controllable information infrastructure. 3PAR's tightly tuned system of software, hardware, and mission-critical service allows customers to securely consolidate storage, centralize information, and reduce total cost of ownership--simply. Well positioned with key strategic investors including Oracle, Sun, and VERITAS, 3PAR has been operating successfully for the past four years and has been serving enterprise customers since 2002. The company's corporate headquarters is located at 4209 Technology Drive, Fremont, CA 94538. Phone: 510-413-5999, fax: 510-354-3070, email:, Web site:


SAVVIS Communications (NASDAQ: SVVS) is a global IT Utility provider that leads the industry in delivering secure, reliable, and scalable hosting, network, and application services. SAVVIS' strategic approach combines the use of virtualization technology, a utility services model, and automated software management and provisioning systems. This allows customers to focus on their core business while SAVVIS ensures the quality of their IT infrastructure. With its recent acquisition of the assets of Cable & Wireless America, SAVVIS becomes one of the world's largest providers of IP computing services and the world's third largest provider of hosting services. For more information about SAVVIS' Managed Utility Services, visit: For more information about SAVVIS' end-to-end media services platform including WAM!NET, visit:

Egenera, Egenera stylized logos and BladeFrame are trademarks or registered trademarks of Egenera, Inc., in the United States and/or other countries. All other product names, service marks and trademarks mentioned herein are trademarks of their respective owners. The information in this document is subject to change without notice.
entrato 2,22 sopra 2,3 aloaaaaaa

forse sta facendo una tazza in formazione
che succede +20 in pre


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un mio vecchio amore che me l' ha sempre data :cool:

ritengo che ieri abbia toccato un livello interessante.

al terzo tentativo di rottura di quota 1.75 è andata a ritestare i max sopra i 4 .
dopo un paio di tonfi ieri è ritornata su quella che è stata per molto tempo un forte resistenza.

ola' :D ciao Hango;)
come te la passi???? tutto bene spero

mi sa che non li tiene mmmmmmmm:(
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ehilà corvaccio :)

un po' bene e un po' male , in media direi

hango , se non tiene 1,75 in close dove la vedi ,mi pare prossimo supporto intorno a 1,2:bow:
Scritto da HM
ehilà corvaccio :)

un po' bene e un po' male , in media direi

o torna dal tuo grafico in area 1,2 o si ferma sulla 200 in W che gira a 1,56 circa:confused:


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