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22-Jan-04 RYAN, KEVIN M.
Chief Executive Officer 1,500,000 Statement of Ownership N/A
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Director 1,500,000 Statement of Ownership N/A
4,000,000 Planned Sale $2,200,0001

I think you’d agree that the incredibly brave men and women who keep us safe must have the absolute best equipment at the best cost.
Xtreme Companies Inc (OTCBB: XTME) produces a unique and cost-effective range (press release attached) of rapid deployment support watercraft that allows law enforcement and fire/rescue personnel to respond instantly and effectively to a national disaster or security issue.

The Stanton, California-based company’s lineup of 12-15 foot specialized, high performance vessels can be quickly deployed from an SUV trailer, a moorage or even airlifted in by helicopter. As well as patrol capable boats, Xtreme’s watercraft can be specifically produced to act as a pumper conduits to augment fire fighting on shore and/or be used as standalone water based fire fighters.

Besides, they go really fast (50 mph-plus), can turn 360 degrees within their own footprint and look really, really neat.

Risk-oriented investors should begin accumulation of Xtreme shares at the 55-70 cent level based on significant deal prospects that we believe will appear over the next 12 months.

Salient points:

Xtreme trades at 55 cents with 9.1 million shares outstanding for a market cap of $5 million
Targeting under-serviced professional and military markets for 12-15 foot, state of the art, patrol and firefighting watercraft
Corporate plans to conclude sales, initially, of a minimum of 1 boat a month for projected first year sales of $1 million-plus
Highly focused sales effort to Police/Fire/Military and other Homeland Security-related groups
High profile recent sale of 2 craft to NY and New Jersey Port Authorities providing both proof of concept and product validation as well as increased visibility.
Past purchasers include US Marine Corp, Pales Verdes Police and Cooperstown NY Fire Dept.
Growing number of incoming inquiries and interest from potential clients; local, national and international.
Lack of any meaningful direct competition: other boats available tend to be too large, too expensive or inappropriate for specialized fire/rescue/patrol duties.
Probably the most important part of keeping the Homeland secure is rapid response from our First Reponders; Military, Fire, Police and Medical personnel. To do it effectively and keep us safe, they need the best equipment.
Powering into a large market

Xtreme has found a market in the safety/security sector that is significantly underserved. At an average cost of around $100 thousand per boat—an extremely competitive price-- Xtreme has tapped into that market by developing extremely cost-effective patrol and fireboats precisely suited to both small and large responder groups.

Xtreme is virtually the only company in its space that produces mission specific high performance watercraft directly for its target markets. By taking this approach, Xtreme can offer products with exacting specifications directly appropriate to the important tasks its customers require and do so at an extremely competitive price point.

By way of comparison, competitors to Xtreme tend to simply outfit or retrofit personal watercraft to suit customers’ needs.

CAVEAT: Investors should trade Xtreme stock strategically due to the low number of shares outstanding. Gapping in both directions is possible as the company appears on more investors’ radar screens.

In the current environment, many potential terrorist targets, such as dams, power plants and coastal installations require specialized patrol and fire fighting ability. The Bush Administration doubled the annual Homeland Security budget to $38 billion to ensure that local and national groups have access to the funds necessary to equip their departments with the tools both for deterrence and rapid disaster response.

Xtreme does it all.

Xtreme will continue to design and augment its product line with support craft of varying length and specifications. The company has the ability to outfit boats to address a client’s specific needs, be it for civilian or military patrol, firefighting or a combination of both.

We believe that the superior watercrafts that Xtreme produces will quickly be sought out by the international, national and local departments that are best suited to their use, resulting in significant sales to the company.

As well as profits to those risk-oriented shareholders who recognize the enormous potential of the growing homeland and international security sectors that make up this exciting young company’s markets.

Xtreme Companies Announces Sale Of Fire-Rescue Jet Boat to Anglesea Fire Company No. 1

Stanton, CA – Feb 6 / PrimeZone Newswire / Xtreme Companies, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: XTME - News) announced today that it sold a model FRJ-1250 Fire-Rescue Jet Boat to Anglesea Volunteer Fire Company No. 1 in North Wildwood, New Jersey. The expected delivery date is March 2004.

Eric Shenkus, President, Anglesea Volunteer Fire Company No. 1 commented, “Xtreme Companies’ FRJ-1250 has proven its weight over the last couple of years in the neighboring town of Stone Harbor, NJ. The boat meets all of our needs especially in ocean rescue, around marina developments and has excellent fire fighting capabilities.”

Xtreme CEO Kevin Ryan stated, “The FRJ-1250 continues to perform at high levels for past purchasers and that optimum performance was the basis for this opportunity with Anglesea Volunteer Fire Company No.1.” He added, “In addition, since the sale and delivery of two FRJ-1250’s to the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey in the last quarter of 2003, the response and number of inquires from other potential customers has been very encouraging.”

The FRJ-1250 is ideal for shallow water rescues, pier fires, shore fires, or structure fires near the water. It is remarkably maneuverable, turning quickly in its own footprint, and it operates at higher speeds than other currently available fireboats. Its maneuverability and performance generates highly desirable rapid response time, and it can also be used to fill the water tanks of traditional fire trucks near a shoreline. The boat can hold up to five firefighters at a time. With its individually powered Hale pump capable of delivering approximately 750 gallons per minute, a distance of approximately 120 feet, it can accomplish extensive firefighting results in difficult surroundings, both ashore and with other watercraft. The boat is small enough that it can be moved easily on a trailer behind an SUV. One firefighter can easily deploy, operate, and recover the boat. It can also be equipped with a specialized foam dispensing system for chemical fires.

About Xtreme Companies, Inc.

Xtreme Companies, Inc. manufactures and markets mission specific high performance boats to fire, rescue, law enforcement, military, and government agencies. For additional information about Xtreme Companies, Inc. please visit www.xtremecos.com. The Company’s public financial information and filings can be viewed at www.sec.gov.

Forward Looking Statements

This release contains forward-looking statements, including, without limitation, statements concerning our business and possible or assumed future results of operations. Our actual results could differ materially from those anticipated in the forward-looking statements for many reasons including: our ability to continue as a going concern, adverse economic changes affecting markets we serve; competition in our markets and industry segments; our timing and the profitability of entering new markets; greater than expected costs, customer acceptance of our products or difficulties related to our integration of the businesses we may acquire; and other risks
and uncertainties as may be detailed from time to time in our public announcements and SEC filings. Although we believe the expectations reflected in the forward-looking statements are reasonable, they relate only to events as of the date on which the statements are made, and our future results, levels of activity, performance or achievements may not meet these expectations. We do not intend to update any of the forward-looking statements after the date of this document to conform these statements to actual results or to changes in our expectations, except as required by law.

Contact: Michael Novielli - Chairman
phone: (203) 791-3838
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Titolo mega rischioso,non scambia nulla,pero i gudagni sarannno molto alti se andra in porto il business.

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Voi delle freccette rosse ma andate a quel paese, vi mando con tutto il cuore:cool:

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