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Ci sono barlumi di speranza per la piccolina di rivederla a 0,01 ?
Un utente Usa ha scritto questo, qualcuno riesce a calcolare quanto potrebbe valere un domani ? (Prezzo per azione)

XYZ Hemp, Inc.
--- New Earth Development Corporation (aziende agricole su larga scala) (filiale)
----- Reddito annuale potenziale: sconosciuto
--- Percentuale sconosciuta di proprietà o interessi in GRF
--- Opzione di possedere il 10% in HempHub, Inc.

Potential Revenue Streams:
- Entrate dal 12,5% di proprietà in WSRC = $ 1,9 milioni (12,5% della previsione long-lost $ 15,6 milioni)
- Entrate future da prodotti sviluppati
- Entrate future dalla concessione di licenze per processi proprietari

Reddito annuale potenziale: $ 3,8 milioni (se vengono effettuati 2 raccolti)
Attività correnti: circa $ 6,5 milioni. Se si aggiunge il 12,5% del valore patrimoniale di wsrc, il valore dell'attivo xyz potrebbe essere considerato di circa $ 12,1 milioni

Proposte di finanziamento relative alla canapa XYZ:
--- New Earth Development Corporation - $ 400 milioni dall'EPA
--- XYZ Hemp, Inc. - $ 50 milioni da Amministrazione risorse e servizi sanitari (HRSA)
Proposte di sovvenzione relative a XYZ totali: $ 450 milioni

Offerta Tier 2 Regulation A Consente un aumento fino a $ 50 milioni in un periodo di 12 mesi.

Joint Ventures tra RSHN e XYZ
JV A - Nano Technology
JV B - Futura espansione di 15 ettari di fattoria
JV C - con APRU per CBD Blueberry Drink preannuncia una big news per lunedi 20-05...:censored:

While we wait for the next update, let us be reminded of the big picture, and the potential here....As much as I know many of you love our sole GRPS, to me we need to look at this set-up as a mega-team.

The GRPS & RSHN Set-Up

Gold River Production Services, Inc.
(aka Gold River Productions, Inc. and recently known and still officially named XYZ Hemp, Inc. per Colorado SOS)
Chairman, CMO - Richard Goulding, MD
CEO - Dr. Stuart Miller, MD
COO - Jason Jones
Product Development - Dr. Bruce Bond, DC, DCABN

XYZ Hemp, Inc/GRPS, a Colorado corporation, is a top of the line medical CBD company. With innovative products targeting specific disease states using supplements. New Earth Development Corp., along with RushNet, is poised to take CBD to the next level. With two of its top officials being not only medical doctors, but well-versed in the field of cannabis, a team of scientists and technical experts have joined forces to utilize all that CBD and Hemp have to offer.

GRPS Subsidiaries

New Earth Development Corporation / CEO - Joshua Spooner
-Large Scaled Carbon Farming and the Production of Nano Superconductors and High performance materials (graphene) through the growing of a carefully tested and specially selected strain of hemp. New Earth is seeking $400 million in government funding.

LeGanja Fairy, LLC / CEO - Shane Archibald
-Existing Washington State Marijuana producer and processor with monthly sales around $30-35,000.
Marakata, LLC / CEO - David Hartley
-Marakata LLC aims to acquire cannabis (including hemp) related cultivation and retail facilities in California. The facilities are fully permitted or are in late stages of the application procedure. Marakata has acquired facilities for CBD and THC cultivation, manufacturing, distribution and retail. (Need more details)

Potential GRPS Revenue Streams

Revenue from GRPS products, including but not limited to the following products mentioned:
Energyplex™ - TESS -- Error
Painplex™ - TESS -- Error
Insominoplex™ -
Stressplex™ - STRESSPLEX Trademark Application of GRPS - Serial Number 88482242 :: Justia Trademarks
Inflammaplex™ - Link not available yet. ™ is currently filed as abandoned by another user.
The Defender - It utilizes organic CBD and pharmaceutical grade fish oil and a unique blend of organic medical herbs to create an anti-inflammatory compound.

Other Future Products in Development:
-CBD Tobacco Free (Smoke cessation cbd)
-Step Down Cigarettes (Smoke cessation aid)
-Sleep Aids (Melatonin + CBD)
-Yip Nip: CBD for athletes
-Nanotechnology for use with CBD by Dr. Stuart Miller (not yet patented)
-Anti-inflammatory compounds with CBD
-CBD Water (through RSHN)

Revenue from New Earth Development Corporation (Govt Contracts/Funding for Graphene)
Revenue from revenue sharing interest in LeGanja Fairy, LLC
Revenue from revenue sharing interest in Marakata, LLC
Revenue from JV with APRU for CBD Infused Sparkling Blueberry
Revenue from JV with RSHN for Stuart Miller’s CBD Nano Delivery Technology (Licensing of Tech)
Revenue from JV with Premier BioMedical, Inc for anti-addiction patch, and potentially PTSD treatment. (Govt Contracts for DoD)

Rushnet, Inc.
Chairman, CMO - Richard Goulding, MD
CEO - Frank DeAngelo
COO - Jason Jones

RushNet, a Colorado corporation, is an edibles and beverage based company with stand-alone products, including most enhanced with CBD. Currently, we have developed 14 Products that will take advantage of the natural and non-GMO grow, pristine mineral water enhancement and natural CBD.

Rushnet Subsidiaries
Hemp Hub, Inc. / CEO - David Atkins
-E-Commerce Website to be launched
Great Rate Freight, Inc. / CEO - Chuck Balandrin
-In-house, economical shipping using Independent Truckers
Cal City Concentrates (closely associated with Cal City Cultivators) CEO - Jason Jones
-Small scale cultivation, CBD processing and manufacturing facility to be built.
Bella Buds, Inc. / CEO - Stephen Parente
-Existing E-Commerce Website geared toward wholesale sales (using Theramu products with Bella B label)
Investment Partner Holdings, LLC / CEO Stephen Parente
-Existing financial services company to be utilized.

Potential RSHN Revenue Streams

Revenue from 14 Products, including but not limited to the following mentioned:
Knockout Punch (™)
Knockout Punch™ comes in a small vial and is used before or after participating in any physical activity that may result with a **** to the head. Made from high quality organically grown CBD.
Knockout Punch (™) Sleed Aid
The combination of CBD and melatonin in Knockout Punch™ has also been shown to aid in a deep, restful, recovery sleep. Knockout Punch™ for sleep will involve several propietary ingredients and techniques making a perfect and better alternative to what is currently on the market for sleep aid.
KO Punch
Details to be clarified
E water is pure water unadulterated with toxic chemicals such as chlorine. Enriched with natural minerals from pristine untapped aquifers, this water will be further augmented with important minerals that are backed with significant scientific evidence of anti-inflammatory and anticancer properties.
Cancer fighting cannabinoid water (Details unknown)
SobriPlex CBD
Proprietary formulation developed by Dr. Goulding and Bruce Bond, DC - which, among other benefits, is designed to alleviate some of the adverse effects of alcohol consumption, including the minimization of a hangover and the minimization of brain cell depletion.
CBD Enhanced Blueberry Apple Rush
-- 1/3/19 RushNet reports that the testing of the CBD enhanced blueberry drink of Apple Rush was successful beyond expectations. A full spectrum supercharged beverage has been created. We are pursuing distribution outlets regarding this exciting product.

Revenue from Hemp Hub, Inc. (most likely advertising revenue if the platform is widely used)
Revenue from Great Rate Freight, Inc. (Subscription Fees from Independent Truckers, etc)
Revenue from Cal City Concentrates
Revenue from Bella Buds, Inc.
Revenue from Investment Partner Holdings, LLC
Revenue from revenue sharing Interest in New Earth Development Corp. (Govt Contracts for Hemp Graphene Production)
Revenue from revenue sharing interest in LeGanja Fairy, LLC
Revenue from revenue sharing interest in Marakata, LLC
Revenue from JV with APRU for CBD Infused Sparkling Blueberry
Revenue from JV with GRPS for Stuart Miller’s CBD Nano Delivery Technology (Licensing of Tech)
Revenue from JV with Premier BioMedical, Inc for anti-addiction patch, and potentially PTSD treatment. (Govt Contracts for DoD)

Other “Participating Companies”, or associated businesses:
Rhamnolipid, Inc. (Seeking $48 million in grants for its patented crop protecting technology)
Rooshine, Inc. ($1 million dollar order once product is developed)
Pillars Recovery (Trials are being done at this treatment facility)
TKS Solutions, LLC (BuddyApp)
Manchester University (Link)
Harper International (Link)
Premier BioMedical, Inc.

Upcoming Events for both RSHN & GRPS
Updates on grants expected in August
2nd Quarter Report 8/15/19
Tier 2 Reg. A Offering (Form 1-A) to be filed. Should be qualified by SEC in October or November if filed this month.
PCAOB Audited Financials that come with the Form 1-A filing

Government Funding / Grants
Great Rate Freight
Freedom Fleet
Truckers Coalition
Emergency Response
Virtual Medical School
Veterans health care
Defense Contractors
Border Wall (sensortechnics)
Arizona/Texas land/jobs project
Sensortechnics/Datatronics Infrastructure
Jack Burkman and Associates
Jack Burkman and Associates is our Virginia based lobbying firm with over 25 years of experience and relationships. He claims to have a 90% success rate for securing funding!
Jack continues to identify large pockets of money in government and through private defense companies looking for niche products. His unique ability to identify and find money makes his contribution invaluable to the companies.
Great Rate Freight: $55,000,000 Grant Ask
Political/logistics effort to increase the income of the largest group of independent business owners in America
Software/ap designed to eliminate need for predatory trucking brokerages
Increase Truckers’ incomes by as much as 100%
Links shippers to independent truckers
Return loads more possible
Fuller loads more likely
Each trip more profitable
Eliminates wait time for truckers
Ratings system improves process
Truckers are extremely political
Grant designed to create jobs and opportunities for Veterans, homeless
Freedom Fleet Coalition: $10,000,000 Grant Ask
Taps into huge resource of patriotic Americans
Coordinates relief efforts on multiple fronts/locations/events
Improves safety for truckers
Truckers Coalition of America: $10,000,000 Grant Ask – DOT
Political pact
Very conservative, patriotic
Aligns and empowers truckers
Rhamnolipids: $48,000,000 Grant Ask – Dept. of Agriculture
Rhamnolipids is a unique and proprietary technology that through nano technology has developed and perfected technology to discover pests, potential nutrient deficiencies and other maladies in any crop, but focused on hemp.
Furthermore, this technology aids in the ability to treat various plant disease states before the crop is devastated.
Purpose Of Funding

Purchase land and Biosurfactant tanks
Installation of Drones/robots and software automation for its Sales of Biosurfactants and crop management
Power replacement of electricity with Solar.
Emergency Response Initiative: $400,000,000 Grant Ask – D.H.S.
Jack Burkman has asked us to be the point company for this well-funded initiative that seeks to provide better initial care to victims of domestic terrorist acts, with an emphasis on school shootings.
Unique proposal to engage trauma surgeons, emergency doctors and personnel to provide on the spot intervention.
Sets up acute mobile trauma centers in all 3100 plus counties.
Provides personal and financial incentives for these uniquely trained personnel and the resources to better equip them, save lives.
Provides ability to all school children to report anonymous unusual or suspect behavior.
Virtual Medical School: $50,000,000 Grant Ask – Dept. of Education
Unique software-based program to create more doctors at zero cost of education. The first two years of medical school are primarily didactic, non-patient learning.
Allows underserved and underprivileged an opportunity to advance to an M.D. degree.
Opens up a vast array of untapped resources: Non medical-school affiliated physicians, who would be incentivized to teach medical students their specialty in set rotations
Self-funding, once the courses are created.
Successful graduates must agree to be mentors/teachers
Estimated doctor shortage is huge, up to 100,000 doctors.
Current estimates for college and medical school run north of 700,000 in student loan debt. This would be eliminated
Veterans Health Care: $55,000,000 – Dept. of Veterans Affairs.
Wellness based program designed to aid all Veterans, not just those sick
Based on our nutraceutical formulations, our veterans will be healthier, and have a better overall quality of life
Pilot program has funds for all nutraceuticals
Funds for wellness care staff
Funds for selective expertise from surrounding private physicians
Designed to wean patients off of pharmaceuticals and prevent diseases from happening
Unique CBD enhanced formulations for PTSD, anxiety, inflammatory disease states
Provides funding for extracorporeal patented system to eliminate PTSD
Border Wall Sensor Technology $250,000,000 Grant Ask – DOD
Sensortechnic technology for infrastructure and creation of border wall
Vastly superior to current border wall proposal
Allows real time access to all sections of the border
Fills in hard to access holes in proposed border wall
$100,000,000 for infrastructure
$150,000,000 for wall.
Arizona/Texas Jobs Creation initiative: $55,000,000 Grant Ask
Vast tract of land and water rights in Arizona and Texas
Creation of two plants: Water, Graphene
Water is unlimited and pristine, suitable for multiple uses including the creation of pharmaceutical grade water
Defense Contract Initiative: $100,000,000+ Grant Ask
Lockheed Martin and other defense contractors willing to participate
Identification of multiple complementary products services organized by Jack Burkman et al.
Sensor technology partner: Vyzion Analytics: funding to create surgical application with cell phone for 3d imagery in endoscopic surgery yielding hard stops and ct integration. Makes surgery safer, surgeons better. This will revolutionize endoscopic surgery in all platforms. This is a multibillion dollar industry.
Sensor technology partner: Vyzion Analytics: funding to perfect cell phone application to ensure complete skin cancer removal and detection without pathological intervention. Makes for more effective and quicker skin cancer removal. This will eliminate the need for Mohs chemosurgery and other more costly and time consuming methods. This will save a substantial amount of health care dollars.
Sensor technology partner: funding towards FDA approval of already proven partner technology that detects skin cancers as efficiently as a trained dermatologist. Allows for the integration of a benign skin lesion patch for effective and worry free removal.
che dite? è valsa la pena aspettare?;)
vediamo se è la volta buona....



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