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ntelliCell Provides Shareholder Update
NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Dec 10, 2013) - IntelliCell Biosciences, Inc. (OTCQB: SVFC), a regenerative medicine company utilizing adult autologous vascular cells (SVCs) derived from the blood vessels found in adipose tissue, provides shareholder update.

Dear Valued Shareholders,

On behalf of myself, the Board of Directors and the entire IntelliCell team, I would like to let you know that we are pleased with the growth initiatives that we have accomplished since our initial shareholder letter.

Now is an important and exciting time for IntelliCell Biosciences. We have continued to improve our competitive position in the regenerative medicine field and I believe we have never been stronger or better positioned for future growth. The worldwide regenerative medicine market is being driven by previously unseen treatments and procedures that are improving the quality of life of patients around the world and we firmly believe that we will emerge as one of the leaders in this industry.

The Company has been executing on our strategic plan and business priorities this year. We have made advancements in our technology and have filed patents around the world for our proprietary regenerative medical solutions. I am encouraged by the expanding market presence of IntelliCell Biosciences and the escalating acceptance of the Company's products and solutions within the medical, scientific and investment community. Additionally, we continue to work hard at improving our balance sheet and financial position, in order to have the necessary resources to take advantage of our growth opportunities. Because of all these accomplishments, I believe we are better positioned than ever for growth.

We have focused primarily on three strategic initiatives, Growth, Leverage, and Financial Strength, in order to improve the overall standing of the company.

Growth: We will continue to grow and supply our cellular product to physicians to treat their patients with clinical needs. We intend to be a major provider of minimally manipulated stromal vascular fraction cells SVFCs for autologous use to physicians and achieve exciting clinical results that improve the quality of life for their patients.

Leverage: We are leveraging our scale and best practices to create a cost-effect business model that increases our competitive advantage over our industry peers. Our intent is to open 3 additional facilities in 3 states in the next 12 months. Once the model is perfected, we will roll out additional facilities at a more aggressive pace. As the regenerative medical market expands, we intend to be the most recognized name in the industry.

Financial Strength: We have a goal of improving our balance sheet and income statement in order to deliver strong shareholder returns. Currently we are enacting a plan to remove all debt from our balance sheet. Going forward, it is our intent to use equity capital for the advancement of our company. Believing that IntelliCell Biosciences stock is undervalued, I will be converting a portion of my debt into shares and will continue this practice going forward. These measures will enable us to continue implementing our business and open new Cellular Labs in hospitals and ambulatory surgical centers that will significantly increase our revenues.

We are committed to advance the regenerative medicine field. This will enable us to become more productive, reliable and cost effective than ever before. IntelliCell's physician partners have informed us that we are well-aligned with their strategic intentions, and their clinical and business priorities. These are the key priorities that will ensure IntelliCell's future success.

As many of you know, our technology is new and cutting edge and requires acceptance by the marketplace and the regulators. We will remain aggressive in our efforts to overcome industry obstacles so that our medical solutions can serve as the industry standard. The Company has successfully developed advanced medical technologies, most notably its patented process of isolating SVFCs from adipose (fat) tissue using a mechanical technique, exclusive to the industry of regenerative medicine, now being used by physicians to treat patients with previously unmet clinical needs.

Management firmly believes that regenerative medicine is the future of medicine and we intend to aggressively expand our market footprint in order to solidify our position as the leader in the field. We would like to express our gratitude to our loyal global customer base and we are grateful to our shareholders for their continued support and ownership in our company. As CEO and Founder of IntelliCell, my paramount responsibility is to enhance shareholder value. I take immense pride in the success of this company to date and remain committed to delivering the best products and services possible to increase market presence in the future.

We at IntelliCell Biosciences are confident that our vision and goals will be achieved.


Dr. Steven Victor
Chief Executive Officer
IntelliCell Biosciences, Inc.

About IntelliCell Biosciences
IntelliCell is a pioneering regenerative medicine company focused on the expanding regenerative medical markets using adult autologous stromal vascular fraction cells (SVFCs) derived from the blood vessels in the adult adipose tissue. IntelliCell Biosciences has developed its own patented technology and protocol to separate adult autologous vascular cells from adipose tissue without the use of enzymes. IntelliCell will also be seeking to develop technology-licensing agreements with technology developers, universities, and international business entities.


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