Quella "sporca" dozzina !

TriQuint Semiconductor Introduces an OC192 Modulator Driver With DC - 18GHz Performan


TriQuint Semiconductor Introduces an OC192 Modulator Driver With DC - 18GHz Performance in a Surface Mount Package
HILLSBORO, Ore., Jan 28, 2002 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- TriQuint Semiconductor, Inc. (NASDAQ:TQNT) today announced the introduction of the TGA8652 Modulator Driver/Amplifier for High-Speed Optical Networking applications (see technical specifications below).
This high performance surface mount packaged device is targeted for the OC192/STM64 (10Gb/s) telecommunications market. The TGA8652 is capable of driving a Mach-Zehnder optical modulator at bit rates through 12.5Gb/s, providing overhead for the most comprehensive Forward Error Correction (FEC) algorithms. The TGA8652 is ideally suited for Metro and Long-Haul Dense Wave Division Multiplexed (DWDM) systems that form the basis of today's optical networks.

The TGA8652 combines a medium power, wideband AGC amplifier die with off-chip decoupling components assembled in a high performance surface mount package. The TGA8652 provides OEMs with a packaged amplifier solution that is easily integrated onto system line cards and optical modules using standard surface mount assembly processes. The TGA8652 is an excellent choice for 9.9, 10.3, 10.7, and 12.5Gb/s optical Non-Return-to-Zero (NRZ) applications. The driver combines performance-enhancing features such as high gain, high voltage drive, and broad bandwidth, while also leading competitive devices in power efficiency. The TGA8652 may also be used as a low noise small signal 16dB gain block for data rates up to 12.5Gb/s.

Mike Sanna, Director of the Broadband Business unit said, "The TGA8652 provides our customers with the next level of integration by combining TriQuint's high performance integrated circuit with passive components in a single, small form factor, surface mount package. The TGA8652 improves our customers' time-to-market and eliminates costly chip and wire sub-assembly during manufacturing."

The TriQuint TGA8652 has been designed into several OC192/STM64 optical networking products by leading telecom systems and subsystems manufacturers. Production purchase orders have been received and the TGA8652 is currently shipping in pre-production volumes, ramping to full volume production in the second quarter of 2002.

This new driver/amplifier is part of a series of TriQuint Standard Product introductions specifically targeting the need for high-performance, integrated devices for the OC192/STM64 and OC768/STM256 telecom/datacom infrastructure build-out. TriQuint is introducing analog and digital functions in this market space addressing the performance-critical high-speed signal path. The technology behind the Standard Product family has evolved through years of research and development and custom product designs in the high performance telecom IC market.

-- SONET/SDH DWDM OC-192/STM-64 including FEC rates
-- NRZ Modulator Driver for applications up to 12.5 Gb/s
-- Driver and Receiver AGC Applications
-- Low power dissipation
-- Amplitude and Symmetry Control
-- Package size: .350 x .350 x .084 inches (8.9 x 8.9 x 2.1 mm)
For Driver Applications:
-- 4 to 8-volts peak to peak (Vpp) output drive
-- 6dB AGC dynamic range
-- Edge rates of less than 20-ps (20/80).
-- Constant group delay characteristics, typically +/- 20-ps
-- Power consumption: 1.25-watts at 8-Vpp for NRZ into 50 ohms
For Receive Applications:
-- 16 dB gain
-- 16dB AGC dynamic range
In 10,000 piece quantities the packaged TGA8652 is priced at $260.00 each. For die applications, the TGA1328 is currently in production. Evaluation boards for the TGA8652 are also available.
A complete data sheet is available at http://www.triquint.com/MMW/TGA8652/8652.pdf
I rumors sul forum di yahoo pqrlano di nuovi clienti e di progetti innovativi......vediamo se il ceo ci conferma queste buone notizie :D

Ah, finalmente a casa.... il lunedì è sempre una tragedia!
Innanzitutto saluti a tutti e sotto con le dritte:
non ho scovato niente di particolare su TQNT, ma desideravo segnalarvi un utilissimo sito x seguire earnings, news, up/down-grades.... e cioè
Vi potete preparare una lista di titoli da tenere sott'occhio e verrete tempestivamente aggiornati sui loro earnings....

Sulla beneamata/odiata le pagine che ci possono interessare maggiormente sono queste:

- News http://www.earnings.com/fin/news.jsp?tckr=tqnt

- Analist research

- Earnings

- Up&Down-grades

Se trovo altro vi faccio sapere.... volumi scarsissimi oggi, se non altro i livelli indicati da Iena tengono......
Occhio a RBAK....

sul break di 5.38$: ho aggiornato commento e introdotto grafico di lungo (pag.2) e questo viene indicato come livello chiave x riprendere il Testa-Spalle Rovesciato che il titolo ha "negato" nelle sedute precedenti...
Buone notizie ! Sawtek,società controllata da TQNT,ha ricevuto un'importante commessa dal dipartimento della difesa americano(notizia delle h. 20,01).Vediamo come reagisce il titolo :)
continua a scendere !!

Scritto da bofano
Buone notizie ! Sawtek,società controllata da TQNT,ha ricevuto un'importante commessa dal dipartimento della difesa americano(notizia delle h. 20,01).Vediamo come reagisce il titolo :)

il titolo ha reagito subito riportandosi sopra gli 11,25 ma adesso ha ripreso a scendere

notizia già digerita direi

Aspettiamo BigNick,vediamo come chiude......è li' che entrano i forti :D
Che ne dite ?

sono tentato di fare uno stop loss anche se su TQNT volevo andare LONG, pero' tira una brutta aria, voi che fate ?

ciao a tutti

Uscito in apertura a 11,05 (per fortuna) :D .Avevo visto un book in denaro pessimo.....ora si avvicinano gli earnings e penso di stare per un po' alla finestra per poi eventualmente rientrare.
Non mi sembra preoccupante....

almeno x ora: io tollero una discesa fino a 10.3-10.5 poi esco , almeno mi pago le commissioni e il caffè sull'ultimo acq.!
Non so xrò se tenere sotto earnings o mollare e poi rientrare.... sono il 7 febbraio, giusto?!
Beh, ne riparliamo domani....
Tenete d'occhio CCRT appena avrà finito il bagno di sangue....

le quotazioni dovrebbero avere già scontato dei dati negativi o sbaglio ?

io penso di tenerle anche sotto earnings a meno che non scendano ancora

che ne pensate ?

ciao a tutti

Questa era la notizia del 18 Dicembre

TriQuint (TQNT:Nasdaq - news - commentary - research - analysis) pulled the plug on the theory that there's a rising mobile-phone tide lifting boats around the market.
The chipmaker warned that it would not meet the $75 million to $80 million in revenue it had projected for its fourth quarter ending Dec. 31, but would instead garner more like $64 million to $66 million. The company anticipates a loss of 1 to 3 cents a share, instead of projected profits of 4 cents to 5 cents. Analysts were taking TriQuint on its early word, forecasting $75 million in revenue in TriQuint's fourth quarter, good for a 4 cents a share profit, according to Multex.com. In last year's fourth quarter, TriQuint notched $90 million in revenue and 27 cents a share profit, and the new outlook represents a drop of 27% to 29% from that period.

CEO Steve Sharp attributed the shortfall to "seasonal effects tied to the selling season" in the holidays and "potentially lower sales of phone products" in the March quarter.

TriQuint's previous predictions had accounted for flat to slightly higher revenues in the fourth quarter over the third quarter's $80.8 million. At the time, TriQuint didn't feel overly positive about the immediate future, projecting $70 million to $80 million in revenue for the first quarter of 2002. On Tuesday the company pulled back from that goal, saying the first quarter would show no growth from the newly trimmed fourth quarter. Street consensus for the company was for a downturn in revenues to $72 million in the first quarter of 2002 and a profit of 3 cents a share.

When Sharp addressed the company's fourth-quarter outlook in October, he said 90% of the fourth quarter's initially predicted revenues had already been ordered. At a mid-quarter update, however, Sharp gave the impression that some handset makers were backing away from their orders, and he guided toward the low end of the company's revenue range, or $75 million. US Bancorp Piper Jaffray analyst Sam May argued at the time that TriQuint was suffering because of its lack of GSM products, a technology that is favored in phones sold in Europe, parts of Asia and increasingly in the United States. May's firm has a banking relationship with TriQuint.

Recent events have upped the pressure on TriQuint. On Monday the company announced that Kimon Anemogiannis, who had been the head of successful acquisition Sawtek and was group president of Sawtek after it joined TriQuint, would leave the company. Additionally on Monday, mobile-phone chipmaker Alpha Industries (AHAA:Nasdaq - news - commentary - research - analysis) heralded its merger agreement with the wireless unit of Rockwell spinoff Conexant (CNXT:Nasdaq - news - commentary - research - analysis), adding technology might.

The company also reiterated plans to post a $100 million impairment charge to write down the cost of excess capacity and devalued equity investments

Segue......e in seguito alla notizia...

passò dai 14 agli 11$



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iniziano ad arrivare gli upgrade !

Alert: Morgan Keegan upgrades TQNT to Outperform (Headline only) Briefing.com - 08:33 AM EST

Sul filo del rasoio.....

Buy altri 100 pz. a 11,029 ore 21:58:33 :D :D :D

Ecco come la vede il Grande Isoica (da Tradersview):

ad occhio e croce, considerando la dinamica del cmf, propenderei per la formazione di un ihs;
se il prossimo minimo non raggiunge 9.84 (diciamo 10.4 e dintorni, chiusura gap-up) e là rimbalza possiamo tracciare la neck (11.2 ad occhio) ed entrare sulla rottura, sarebbe un bel segnale

posted 27-01-02 22:18

Siamo sempre attorno agli 11$.... d'ora in poi accumulo solo se rompe con decisione gli 11.2 (in close)



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10.57$ -4%

dire che oggi gli 11,2 li rompre con decisione !

che ne dici Max ?


Io rimango a bordo...

sperando ke non crolli in after :D :D
Certo la set. prox. mi farà dormire poco.... non sò se passo gli earnings con il container carico... di solito mi portano na sfiga bestiale!

Cmq. segnali tecnici di sell x il momento non mi pare ce ne sìano, a parte il probabile taglio al ribasso della SMA(13) in close... ci vorrebbe un "tecnico" con le p.a.l.l.e !!!


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Confronto TQNT RFMD

grafico a 3 mesi


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Buon week-end, Big.


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